The Importance of Wigs In The Fight Against Hair Loss

The Importance of Wigs In The Fight Against Hair Loss
Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

The fact that Massachusetts’ Congress-woman, Ayanna Pressley, has laid ground for including wigs under medicare coverage is a huge victory for women struggling with hair loss. Hair is one of the greatest pinnacles of a woman’s self-worth, and no woman should be denied the right to slay her beauty how she deems fit.

“The Wigs as Durable Medical Equipment Act” is therefore an amazing curveball that will revolutionize healthcare not only in America, but the rest of the world.


Because of less effective hair restoration treatment methods, quantitative research has demonstrated that wearing wigs is one of the best ways of coping with hair loss. These findings by the National Library Of Medicine in the USA suggest that physicians who treat patients with hair loss problems should consider wig use.

Ayanna Pressley has been incredibly vocal in her campaign and has impacted millions of American lives. She understands the situation that hair loss puts most women in firsthand, since she has lived with Alopecia. Alopecia Areata is a skin condition that causes hair loss. It has affected over 6 million Americans. 


1. Restore Confidence

Wigs are quickly becoming commonplace for that instant boost of confidence and overall fabulousness. They provide an even extra esteem boost for people experiencing hair loss. 

Rep. Pressley stated how dealing with alopecia and hair loss, in particular, left her with a heightened sense of insecurity. This can show up in regular bouts of depression and can limit one’s ability to perform other duties. 

Zendaya in a short wig
Image | Zendaya Wearing  A Short Wig

Wigs are a simple and effective solution to this problem. They’re easy to wear and perfectly embellish you with the same beauty as your natural hair, if not more. Furthermore, they’re cheaper and easily accessible compared to hair restoration procedures. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be a medical tool in the fight against hair loss.

2. Limitless Coverage

Sometimes you might only experience hair loss in certain areas and you just want to cover those. This is where wigs come in. For example, you may need a wig topper if hair loss is confined to the crown. If that’s the case, easily use the Wig Fix to keep it in place.

Similarly, some people may experience thinning at the front of the head, in which case clip-in fringes are a stylish and chic solution. These clip-in fringes are great at concealing a thinning or uneven hairline and can instantly restore your confidence!

Whereas hair restoration products like minoxidil can stimulate hair regrowth, it’s expensive, takes longer, and may even fail to do that successfully. This leaves wigs as the better option when it comes to the fight against hair loss.

3. Budget-friendly Solution

The average price of a hair transplant depends largely on the amount of hair you’re moving, but it generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000, and most insurance plans don’t even cover it.

Instead of getting a hair transplant, you can just wear a wig specially designed for you like this braided wig for Congress-woman, Ayanna Pressley.

Congress-woman Ayanna Pressley with a braided wig
Image | Congress-woman, Ayanna Pressley with a braided wig

These wigs will save you money. Human hair wigs are even better as they perfectly resemble real hair and maintain their look for a long time, sometimes even longer, than transplanted hair. 

Furthermore, wigs can prevent hair loss since they act as a protective barrier for your natural hair. This is especially so when you want to do different hairstyles that may damage your natural hair. Wigs come in handy as a cheaper and more adequate solution to hair loss.

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