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The Lace Frontal Shortage: Is it Real?

The Lace Frontal Shortage: Is it Real?

If you're a regular wig wearer or just love wigs in general, you might have heard people discussing a suspected lace frontal shortage. For some reason it appeared as if frontals, closures and even bundles had been difficult to get a hold of this year, not just for customers but even distributors. So is there really a lace fontal shortage? Short answer: Yes. Keep reading as we look into why.


We can't talk about the lace frontal shortage without mentioning the C word. Although the overall wig and extension industry was already struggling to meet global demand as the popularity of wigs keeps climbing year on year, the Coronavirus pandemic–as with everything else–just exacerbated the issue. 

China–whose wig exports make up more than 70% of the world's supply–ceased production as the country entered its strict lockdown. While this helped combat the spread of the virus, the pause in production was felt almost immediately with many vendors having to relay the news to their customers that a shortage was imminent.

Additionally, Switzerland who are responsible for Swiss lace also completely sold out of lace at the height of the first wave of the pandemic. This was also the case for France and its French lace. 

South Korea who are also big figures within the lace manufacturing industry also had delays in their production of lace products. 


What Does This Mean For Customers? 

Of course, customers noticed these issues and found it difficult to find their usual wig products. The New York Times reported that customers who had placed orders in July had yet to receive them in as late as September.  

While production across the world has slowly resumed in parts, it would be naive to think supply will meet demand any time soon.

Tim Starks, founder of Ellagant Hair spoke to HypeHair about the issues surrounding the global hair and lace shortages. Sparks mentioned that because the shortages were already an issue prior to the pandemic, it would take at least nine months to meet current demands.

And that's not all. He also made it clear that price increases are inevitable with wholesalers indicating they'd be raising their prices by a minimum of 20% which means you may end up paying more for your hair. 

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What Can I Do? 

After hearing about the lace frontal shortage your first instinct might be to panic buy and stockpile your hair but there's no need to do so. Production is slowly under way again in some parts of the world so it's unlikely that hair and lace will completely sell out but do expect delays when it comes to ordering. We suggest planning ahead and ordering your products as soon as you can if you know you need certain hair or lace for certain dates. You should also be prepared to pay more for your hair so planning ahead can help you save up for your desired products. 

Also, don't neglect the products you currently have. If you have an old wig you haven't worn in a while and it's still in a decent condition, this is a perfect time to give it new life. A simple wash, deep condition and even a new cut or colour can transform your wigs for a whole new vibe. 

Similarly, it's absolutely vital that you ensure you're taking care of your hair and lace better than ever. Things like washing your wigs and extensions regularly, moisturising your hair with nourishing oils and thorough detangling can significantly extend the life of your wigs and other hair extension. `If you regularly use glue or tape to affix your wigs, it may also be time to reconsider these attachment methods.

Lace, especially high-quality lace is fragile and requires a lot of attention for the best results. Continous, excessive use of glue and gel coupled with incorrect application and removal can cause real damage to the lace. Try out a gentler, low-maintenace application method like the the Wig Fix.

It's a silicone hair gripper that works with full circumference wigs to keep them secure. It can be used completely alone or alongside small amounts of gel, glue or mousse (for the ear tabs) to keep your wigs secured. Incorporating this into your wig routine not only keeps your wigs secured, it also puts less strain on your wig's lace helping it last longer and protecting it, your hair and even your skin from the potential negative effects of the overuse of glues and gels

lace frontal shortage


What do you think about the global lace frontal shortage? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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