The Renatural's Favorite Wigs of May 2023

The Renatural's Favorite Wigs of May 2023

Dare we say it but May might be the month that brings us the best wig looks. From the Met Gala, where celebrities and influencers are asked to push their boundaries in the name of a theme to the re-emergence of bold colors that come with the change in the season.

Wig trends this month truly have brought something for everyone, with focuses on bright, bold colors like cobalt blues and vibrant pinks. We can't get enough! Shaggy wigs with waves, curls, or bangs are also popular choices for those who want to add texture and dimension to their look whilst looking chic. The textured bob cut wigs are also becoming increasingly popular with an array of different lengths and styles to choose from.

We've tracked our favorite wig looks from May that we all want to recreate in June!


Anok Yai

Anok Yai came to the Met Gala with the perfect full fringe shaggy wig.


Chelsea Lazkani

The blonde highlights in her wig go well with the yellow in her Deisel jacket and belt/skirt.


Cardi B

While Cardi B had multiple wig looks at this year's Met Gala this one takes the cake as it was applied in only 11 minutes in the back of a car by wig stylist, Tokyo Stylez.


Osas Ighodaro

Her light red wavy short wig perfectly accentuates her dress for the AMVCA's.


Cardi B

Cardi B and Tokyo Stylez have so many amazing wig moments it would be impossible to not mention the duo twice. This temporary tattoo wig broke the internet this month with people up in arms about the look on Twitter.


Shannon Romano aka @_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_

Shannon Romano works with colorful wigs and especially loves to work with buzzed wigs because they're able to add details in more intricate ways, in a shorter amount of time.

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