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The Right Wigs to Grow Your Natural Hair

The Right Wigs to Grow Your Natural Hair

Our ultimate hair aim is relatively simple - grow as much of it as possible. And once we’ve grown it… grow some more. That’s why a lot of us tend to keep our hair in protective styles, and for a vast majority of the Black community, that means canerowing our natural hair and fitting a sleek wig unit on top. But how do we know if our wig choices are actually helping - or adding fuel to fire? Let’s find out!

U-Part Wigs

U-part wigs are wigs that have a U-shaped opening at the top of the wig. U-part wigs wearers can their natural hair blend seamlessly with their wig which is always great fun if you want to keep your natural hair out. But will this style aid hair growth? We think not - well, for your leave out anyway. With all the straightening and blow-drying of your leave out, you’ll find that your efforts may be counterproductive…that’s right, damaging and breaking your hair instead of nurturing and growing your hair. From heat damage and the collateral beyond, you’ll find that this wasn’t the best choice for hair growth. 

U part wigImageU-Part Wig


Wig Toppers

Wig toppers are hairpieces attached to the top of your head, providing coverage for a particular area, as opposed to full-head coverage. They are popular amongst those that are simply seeking some additional volume at the crown of their heads. As this type of wig exposes roughly 70% of one’s natural hair, we would have to give it a strong pass when considering it’s ability to aid natural hair growth. 

wig toppers, wig topper

Image | Wig Topper

Lace Frontals and Closures

Arguably the most popular wig construction, lace frontals and closures are units that intend to replace one’s natural hairline with one anew, either from ear to ear or shorter. Find out more about all the different wig types you can wear here. Lace frontals and closures can be huge enemies of progress when attempting to grow your natural hair, or they could quite literally be the saving grace you’d sought after - the result depends on how you decide to install it - read carefully. 

Lace frontal, lace closure, HD lace frontal
Image | HD Lace Frontal
Lace Adhesives

It’s common for hair stylists and influencers alike to use lace adhesives as their go-to for wig installation. They’re super popular, they secure wigs and they’re relatively inexpensive. However, the only issue (and quite a huge issue it is!), is that lace adhesives are the ultimate edge-rippers. Not only do the chemicals in lace adhesives weaken your edges and potentially irritate your skin, but when it’s time to remove the wig, you may find that your edges leave too

Image | Ghost Bond
Wig Grippers

Wig grippers are much safer alternatives. Provided the wig gripper is silicone-based and fits your head correctly, you shouldn’t experience any loss of edges or irritation to skin. When looking to grow your hair, we’d suggest opting in for a wig-gripper installed lace frontal/closure unit - why? Because your hair underneath will be kept in canerows to aid its growth, and your edges will be safely tucked away under your wig-gripper. Of course, we’d recommend our rollercoaster-proof, affordable and silicone-based wig gripper, The Wig Fix!

Image | The Wig Fix
We’re not saying you shouldn’t wear U-part wigs and wig toppers - we use them all the time! All we’re saying is, if the primary aim of use is to grow your hair, then this probably isn’t the best idea. We’d suggest using a lace frontal/closure with a wig gripper such as The Wig Fix, to eliminate the need of edge-snatching lace adhesives and allow for your luscious tresses to grow!

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