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Glued On Wigs: The Truth About Removing Them

Glued On Wigs: The Truth About Removing Them

Glued on wigs when done well, always look amazing and can give you the freedom to try a wider variety of hairstyles while still looking realistic. But did you know that they can cause some serious damage to your natural hair and skin in the process? Keep reading for the truth behind removing glued on wigs.

Wig glues and gels are popular ways to attach wigs–especially lace frontals. They're usually easily accessible–particularly high street brands like Got2Be–and with many reviews and tutorials online on how to use them, they're a popular choice for new and seasoned wig wearers alike. However, while there's a lot of information available on how to use them for the best lace melt, information on the potential dangers of them is more sparse. 

What many people don't know about glued on wigs is that improper application and removal can cause serious damage not only to your hair but also your skin. The edges of the hair and the perimeter of the forehead are the most common areas susceptible to damage as this is typically where the glues and gels are applied. Tiara Willis, a talented Aesthetician based in New York and popular skincare Influencer discussed the dark side of wig glue in her guest blog for The Renatural. 

This is something popular Influencer Mariam Musa unfortunately experienced. Years of regularly using glues to apply her wigs resulted in her suffering from hair loss and hyperpigmentation around her hairline. She discusses her experience in her video below:


Aside from the issues Mariam discussed in her video, long-term use of, alongside incorrect application/removal of wig glue and gel can lead to other complications. These include contact dermatitis, folliculitis and even tension blisters–this primarily results from the use of wig tapes in particular. 

When it comes to warding off such issues, prevention is key. Preventative measures such as only using small amounts of glue/gel, not keeping your glued on wigs on for longer than necessary and gently removing any product can greatly help you wear wig glues more safely. In conversation with popular American talk show The Real, Mariam shared more of her experience with wig glues and how the Wig Fix by The Renatural has helped her to continue enjoying wearing wigs while keeping her hair and skin safer and healthier.



A silicone hair gripper, the Wig Fix was designed to allow wig wearers to keep their wigs secure without the need to solely rely on traditional attachment methods like clips, glues and gel. Designed to be used on full circumference wigs, the Wig Fix works best on glueless closure units but can still be used with frontals. While it won't grip to ear tabs, they can be moussed down. Alternatively, a very small amount of glue or gel can be used to secure them. Overall, the Wig Fix greatly reduces the amount of glue or gel required to keep wigs secure, allowing you to keep your hair and skin as healthy as possible.

glued on wigs

We hope you learned more about the damage glued on wigs can cause and how to prevent this. Follow us on social media for more wig related content. 

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