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Top 5 Celebrity Wig Stylists

Top 5 Celebrity Wig Stylists

Image | I Am Jonathan via Instagram

Celebrity wig culture is one of our favourites. Even in their day-to-day lives, celebrities with a love for wigs are known to show them off in all sorts of styles and looks and with how realistic and perfectly styled they look, you know there has to be a serious glam squad behind the end result. Read on for our top five celebrity wig stylists without whom your faves' impeccable wig looks (probably) wouldn't exist. 

 Alonzo Arnold

Alonzo Arnold Wig Instagram

Image | Alonzo Arnold via Instagram

Hailing from Atlanta, Alonzo Arnold is a household name when it comes to celebrity wig stylists. With clients including Keke Palmer, Real Housewife Porsha Williams, Solange Knowles and more under his belt, there's no doubt that Arnold is one of the best in the game. But he's more than just wigs. As an asexual, cis-gender male, he's also helping to give a voice to non-binary people across the world by being unapologetically himself.

His love for wigs really translates through his work and he's well known for prioritising the art of wigs and the way they can help boost people's confidence above all else and we love him for it. In an interview with Billboard, he shared: "Money can’t buy the sense of purpose I feel after seeing how happy [clients] are. That makes every second of my job worth it." 

And as if his incredible wig styling skills aren't enough, he's got an amazing sense of humour too. Catch us refreshing his TikTok feed for relatable memes and share-worthy laughs.

Kim Kimble

celebrity wig stylists

Image | Beyonce via Evening Standard

If there's one word to sum up Kim Kimble's talent and her influence it's: Beyoncé. Having worked with the songstress since 2000, Kimble's been the driving force behind a variety of Queen Bey's most iconic looks.

Some of these include her wavy look in the 'Crazy In Love' video which has since become one of her most identifying styles, her braids in 'Lemonade' and even the looks in her groundbreaking Coachella performances. In an article with Booksy, Kimble revealed that it took 22 people to make every look come to life on stage. 

But beyond Beyonce, Kimble's client roster is a who's who of the A-List with big names such as Oprah and Halle Berry having been at the receiving end of her hair magic.

Kahh Spence

Kehlani Hair By Kahh Spence via Instagram
Image | Kahh Spence via Instagram

Having worked with artists like Normani, Ella Mai and Kehlani. Brooklyn-born Kahh Spence is another familiar face among the A-List crowd when it comes to hairstylists. At just 25, Spence is already building himself an empire and even boasts his own cosmetics brand Kahh Spence Beauty

Away from creating the flawless styles he's known for, Spence also takes the time to educate others by sharing his favourite tips and tricks through his social channels so whether you're wondering how best to dye your hair at home or how to install your own lace front wig, he's got you covered. 

Spence is also known to be innovative not just in the way he works but also the products he works with. Knowing just how difficult working with traditional wig attachment methods can be, Spence is a fan of The Wig Fix, a product created by The Renatural. The Wig Fix is a reusable and gentle alternative to other attachment methods that can contribute to hair damage. Made with from medical-grade silicone, The Wig Fix helps keep your edges protected whilst making your wig rollercoaster proof. If Kahh Spence calls a product a game-changer, you believe him. Click the post below for his thoughts.


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I Am Jonathan

Jordan Woods Hair Styled By Johnathan Wright
Image | I Am Jonathan via Instagram 

As Megan Thee Stallion's go-to hairstylist, Jonathan Wright is no stranger to the A-List. Alongside Meg, he's also worked with K. Michelle, Jordyn Woods and Alexis Sky.

His ability to lay a frontal so smooth, it'll have you zooming in on your phone trying to find the lace and his fun styles like this rainbow creation have made him a firm favourite among celebs and everyday people alike.

Living by his motto 'The Wright Way', he's a big believer in taking care of the natural hair underneath those amazing wigs and also loves The Wig Fix, by The Renatural to keep wigs secured quickly and effectively.


Angela Meadows

Serena Williams Hair By Angela Meadows

Image | Angela Meadows via Instagram

Another top celebrity wig stylist is Angela Meadows. This Florida-based stylist has been behind the wigs of the likes of Serena Williams, Brianna Perry and Kelly Rowland. 

Known for her impeccably blended lace-fronts, Meadows' skills aren't just for the celebs. Her Miami salon makes it easier to get that celebrity-inspired look. You can find more of her amazing wigs through her salon's Instagram page. 

What do you think of these celebrity wig stylists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Mr Spence
I am a petite woman with small head an unfortunately extremely fine hair!
I’m looking for someone who cld make me wigs an hair pieces that look natural
Can you follow up with some information
I wld like a long wig…long ponytails.that arent so thick they look unnatural

Thank you kindly

Kathleen Zastrow

I who like to know were is Kahh Spence located in Brooklyn NY am from Nyc.

Monique Stephens

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