Making Your Own Wig? Here Are The Basics.

Making Your Own Wig? Here Are The Basics.

As we all know, wigs are a great way to try new styles without making any permanent changes to your natural hair. We also know making your own wigs can be an inexpensive alternative to buying a professionally-made wig or adding extensions at a salon. If you're looking to make your own wig, here are some of our basic steps you'll need to take.

Hair Selection

First, choose the type of wig you want—synthetic or human hair. Synthetic wigs offer more vibrant colors but they won't last longer than human hair ones and won't look as natural. Human hair wigs are more expensive but will look more realistic. We love the bundles from Ruka hair

Image| The body wave Bundle from Ruka Hair

What type of wig?

Next, decide whether you want a full lace wig, or something with less coverage such as a frontal wig or a u-part wig. Full lace wigs cover the entire scalp area and are often used for total hair replacement. U part wigs are only partially attached at the base and can be used in combination with existing hair for added volume and length. Frontal wigs cover just the front part of the head and are usually used to provide more coverage of the forehead area.

 Image| A selection of wigs on wig heads

How to fit the wig securly 

Once you've decided on a type of wig, it's important to measure your head accurately so that your wig will fit properly when finished. Measure around the circumference of your head from one ear across your forehead to the other ear, then measure from the forehead to the back of the neck for length (We have a video on Tik Tok demonstrating this!).  Write these measurements down so that you have them handy when shopping for supplies like elastic bands, combs, and clips which will help attach your wig securely once it's complete.

What you need to make a wig

Now it's time for materials: You will need scissors (for trimming) plus glue (or tape) depending on what kind of attachment method you plan on using; otherwise, pick up some human hair from an online store or beauty supply shop according to the color and length desired for your finished product ( we reccomend a few inches more than your hair length).

Image| A picture of different hair tools

If you are making a full lace wig, you can buy a cap made out of either stretchy material like nylon or spandex; this will be the base upon which all other wefts will be placed—the cap should fit snuggly against your scalp yet still be comfortable enough not to cause irritation during wear. For u part wigs glue/tape is often used along with additional materials such as combs or clips while frontal wigs usually come with extra ‘tracks’ at both sides allowing them to blend in more naturally with surrounding hairs creating an even fuller appearance when worn correctly (be sure test these too). For hassle free security, you can also purchase a Wig Fix to ensure your wig stays on comfortably. 

Styling your wig

Finally the best part, and hopefully your arms are not aching yet, it's time for styling: human hair can be styled with heat (examples are curling irons and blow dryers), we love the Dyson hair dryer! Make sure you brush through your hair gently after each use; synthetic hair must not be exposed to high temperatures since too much heat can damage the hair beyond repair. When you are styling synthetic hair gently brush through the wet hair then allow it to air dry naturally before styling into a desired look with your fingers only and be careful not to rub off any residual adhesive substances still present on the hair strands from the initial wig making process.

Image| Syling tools

If you follow all these steps correctly you should be a wig pro in no time... or at least be able to understand the basics. And whether it ultimately turns out good enough to keep wearing long term (please tag us if you do!) or just an experiment worth trying, we think that the experience itself can only add up towards a better understanding of the wig making process next time you decide to make your own or purchase from a professional wig maker! Let us know if these tips helped you and tag us on Tik Tok, Instagram or Twitter in any of your self made wigs, we would love to see. 

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