We Can't Get Enough of The Wigs from Abbott Elementary

We Can't Get Enough of The Wigs from Abbott Elementary

We can't get enough of Abbott Elementary, one of our favourite TV shows this month and we couldn't stop taking about the top-notch fashion and beauty. From the school uniforms to the designer accessories, the show’s wardrobe department has really caught our eye this season. But of course, what really stands out for us on this show is its use of wigs—and lots of it! 

The stylist

One of the show’s hairstylist, Moira Frazier, recently spoke with Allure about her work on Abbott Elementary and her creative approach to wig styling. Moira Frazier is a hairstylist like no other, we can't help but fawn over her.

Her amazing work lies in helping people reimagine their style and embrace their natural beauty. Moira works her magic at Abbott Elementary, using her years of experience to create looks that are perfect for each individual character. From braids to curls, she creates innovative new styles with ease.

According to Frazier, she prefers a “mix of classic looks and modern elements” when creating looks for the show. She also makes sure that every character’s hair looks unique and age-appropriate. She did this by employing a range of custom-made wigs as well as traditional hairpieces. They had over 100 wigs ready on set at all times - what a dream!

Our favourite character 

Janine Teagues is our favourite (and probably everyone else's) full of life teacher. She brings back good memories from pre-school. Frazier explains how she carefully created each of her looks to represent where Janine was in her life at that point in time.

Moira mentioned that in the second season she wanted to make sure Janine's hair reflected her energy post break up and made sure her curls were extra bouncy (we love a post break up glow up!).  Believe it or not, her curls on the show were attributed to two full lace hand wigs that Moira hand made and constructed. 

 Image| Janine and Melissa, characters on Abbott Elementary

Working on the Tv show set 

Moira also discussed how important it was to ensure that each wig looked natural and suited each character as much as possible. To do this, she used two different types of hair: human hair (for naturalistic movement) and synthetic hair (for greater volume).

She also worked closely with the makeup department in order to get the perfect look for each character—especially when it came to ensuring that wigs blended perfectly into their skin tones. 

 Image|Melissa, character on Abott Elementary

The range of hairstyles, and the unique personalities of each character tells us that Frazier definitely had a great time working on the set of  Abbott Elementary.  Her talents have got us talking and she created quite an impression on viewers while adding plenty of life and vibrancy through hairsyling to the series overall. What's your favourite hairstyle on the show? Let us know by tagging us on Tik Tok, Twitter or Instagram.


(image in header, Variety)

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