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Alopecia and Wigs: What Alopecia Influencers Think About The Wig Fix

Alopecia and Wigs: What Alopecia Influencers Think About The Wig Fix

Alopecia–an umbrella term used to categorise hair loss–comes in many different forms. While some are genetic, some are caused by health issues and others like traction alopecia are caused by lifestyle issues. 

Finding ways to live with it can be difficult which is why online influencers are a great way for those living with alopecia to find new communities to engage with that understand what they're going through and can help recommend them new products to use that may help them. Products such as the Wig Fix.

Designed to keep wigs secure without damaging natural hair, its inventor Aasiyah Abdulsalam created the Wig Fix after struggling with traction alopecia caused by excessive use of traditional wig attachment methods. 

Like her, other people who live with alopecia have found the Wig Fix to be the perfect addition to their beauty routines. Keep reading to find out what alopecia influencers Gabriela Soares, Jeana Turner and Thee Glamoligist think about the Wig Fix. 

Gabriela Soares  

First up, Gabriela Soares aka glamgirlgabi. Since suffering from traction alopecia and realising how important it was to be careful and mindful of taking care of her hair, Gabriela now actively looks for products designed to be gentle on hair particularly when wearing wigs.

This is why she now loves the Wig Fix as it allows her to skip harsh glues, combs and tapes known for causing thinning hair with consistent and prolonged use. Watch her video for her thoughts on the Wig Fix: 

Jeana Turner

Jeana Turner came to prominence online not only as a wig designer but through also being honest and open about her experiences with alopecia.

She isn't shy about expressing her love for wigs and has shared her thoughts on why she loves the Wig Fix:

Thee Glamologist

Business owner and talented makeup artist Thee Glamologist loves the Wig Fix for the way it not only allows her to switch up her wig looks with ease but also because it works great on her bald head.

Despite having no bio hair, the Wig Fix is still just as comfortable and easy to use as it would be with those who have bio hair. Have a look at her review video for her full thoughts: 


Did you learn something new about the Wig Fix through these incredible YouTubers' videos? Let us know in the comments!

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