Where To Buy Wig Hats And Scarves

Where To Buy Wig Hats And Scarves

With lockdown seemingly never-ending, previously regular trips to the hairdressers are few and far in between and doing your own hair might seem like too much of a chore. Thankfully, wigs are a great way to switch up your style as and when you please. Wig hats and scarves are especially quick and convenient particularly when you find yourself getting the call for a last-minute Zoom meeting with no time to slay a regular wig. Keep reading for the best places to buy wig hats and scarves. 

What Are Wig Hats And Scarves? 


Similar to headband wigs, wig hats and scarves are wig units that come with the relevant accessory already attached. They're most popularly used as 'throw-on' wigs due to their easy to use nature. Thanks to the hats and scarves already being attached to the top of the wig, there's no need to spend time making sure partings and look a certain way. This makes them perfect for running errands, for those who lead busy lifestyles and those times you really can't be bothered to go through the routine of ensuring a regular wig looks its best. 


AliExpress and Amazon 

AliExpress is known for its generous wig offerings. With hundreds of vendors on the site, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for wigs and wig hats and scarves are no exception. Simply search the site for the type of wig you're after and you'll be met with plenty of results. Some popular sellers include Luduna Official and Julia Hair.

Always remember to do your due diligence and read through seller reviews before making a purchase. While most sellers on the site offer a great selection of affordable and quality wigs, some do not. Taking the time to read through customer reviews and doing a little research into each wig listing and the sellers (even when you've bought from them before) can save you time and money. 



If you prefer a more classic but still fun hairstyle and accessories, Headcovers offers a range of hats and scarves for your hairpieces. Whether it's baseball caps, silk scarves or headbands there's a style available for you. While not all of their wigs come with hair accessories attached, they offer a specific range of wigs designed to be worn with hats and scarves. Dubbed 'Hair Halos' these wigs aren't full wigs but instead create a 'halo' around the head so that when they're topped with an accessory, they give the illusion of a full head of hair while still remaining light and breathable. 

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How To Secure Your Wig 

It never hurts to give yourself that extra peace of mind in knowing that your wig is secured even when using wig hats and scarves. This is where the Wig Fix comes in. A silicone hair gripper, this cleverly designed product is a must-have for all wig wearers. The hundreds of nodes on the band alongside the natural gripping abilities of silicone help to keep your wig in place whilst protecting your edges, making it perfect to wear underneath your wigs. As it's easy to use and requires little maintenance, it makes the perfect companion to your wig hats and wig scarves whenever you're in need of a low-key wig style.

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