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Why Do Celebrities Wearing Wigs Make Such Big News

Why Do Celebrities Wearing Wigs Make Such Big News

We all know celebrities often make the news for the smallest things–from what salad they had for lunch to their beauty routines but why is it such a big deal when they change their hair through celebrity wigs? Let's look into why celebrities wearing wigs makes such big news. 

It Signals Change In Their Lives 

Celebs changing their hairstyles can often signify change in their lives. When this change relates to a new venture or an upcoming project, it's even more exciting for their fans and therefore extra news-worthy. 

Take BLACKPINK's Jisoo for example. The singer of the popular K-Pop band is known for her long, dark locks and while she's experimented with different shades in the past, when images of her donning a short, pink wig emerged, fans couldn't help but marvel. The style ended up being a one-off for their record-breaking DDU-DU DDU-DU music video. 

Image | YG Entertainment BLACKPINK DDU-DU DDU-DU YouTub Video 

We Thought It Was Their Real Hair 

Another reason celebrities wearing wigs make such big news is when it comes as a big surprise to us. While some celebs are known to be regular wig-wearers and even love showing off their wigs and even give us glimpses into their wig closets, others keep their wig-wearing a little more low-key. So low-key sometimes that we don't even know they're wearing them.

One recent such case was Billie Eilish. The songstress' iconic black and green hair had become such a big part of her brand and that when she started wearing hats and scarves that covered hair hairline, fans were suspicious. Turns out her eagle-eyed fans were proven right when she posted a video of her lifting up her hair to reveal it was a wig–a video that left many of us shook. 

And when she debuted her platinum blonde hair, we finally got to see why she'd been using the wigs. Eilish herself went on to share why she kept to the wigs. Through and Instagram Q&A Eilish shared the blonde hair took six weeks to accomplish.

Billie Eilish blonde hair explained

Image | Billie Eilish via Instagram @billieeilish

More answers came when issue of VOGUE was released. Eilish graced the cover of the magazine's June issue as the star looking incredible with a brand new, blonde 'do. Her post of the cover shot set a new Instagram record as the fasted post to reach 1 million likes on the social media site in just six minutes


They're Setting New Trends 

Celebrity fashion and beauty have been big topics for years and the inspiration for trends for years and when it comes to wigs, this is no different. 

When pop-sensation Rihanna was rocking red hair throughout 2010, she was also dropping hits at every turn. The red hair has since become one of her many iconic looks since her debut and her popularity saw many people copying the fiery hue. There were even rumours that her hair caused an increase in the sales of red hair dye!

Similarly, Kylie Jenner has also inspired wig trends in recent years. Her large social media following often looks to her for beauty inspiration so it's no wonder YouTube is filled with tutorials on how to create Jenner's wig looks at home. 

Which celebrity wig is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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Images In Cover Picture | Billie Eilish Instagram // Rihanna photographed by avrilllllla // Kylie Jenner Instagram 

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