Why We Created The Wig Fix aka The Best Way To Attach Your Wig

Why We Created The Wig Fix aka The Best Way To Attach Your Wig

Whether you love them for their convenience, protective qualities or just because it’s fun to switch up your look every other day, wigs are a great beauty staple but what about the best way to attach your wig?

Just as good make-up starts with good skincare, the key to making your wig look its best starts with the correct wig prep, one of which is your preferred attachment method.

Traditionally, these include glue, clips and combs, elastic bands and grips. Whilst all popular methods of securing a wig, they often present more problems than solutions.

Enter, The Wig Fix—our solution to everyday wig attachment problems. Read on to find out more about why we created the Wig Fix aka the best way to attach your wig.

  1. Simplicity

Getting into wearing wigs can be a daunting experience—trust us, we’ve been there. How should I wear it? How should I put it on? Is my hairband showing? Those are all questions many of us have been faced with when figuring out the best way to put our wigs on. Thanks to The Wig Fix’s universal style suitable for all head shapes, putting on your wig and making sure it stays on, has never been easier so you can spend less time putting your wig on and more time looking great wearing it!

  1. Accessibility

Looking great whilst wearing a wig without breaking the bank should be for everyone. This is why we price The Wig Fix at £25—a one-time price for an investment that will last up to 2 years saving you not only money but also time.

  1. Freedom

Forget going back to your hairstylist every other week and feeling weighed down by the thought that your wig isn’t looking its best or stopping you from carrying out different activities. We wanted our community to feel assured that once their wigs were on, they no longer had to worry about what they can and can’t do because of their wig. 

  1. Confidence

When your wig doesn’t feel secure on your head, it’s hard to shake the little voice in the back of your head giving you anxiety that the wrong move could end up with your wig slipping off with no warning. With The Wig Fix, we wanted our community to regain the confidence to tie their hair up without a second thought, run their fingers through it with no worries and generally look and feel their very best.

Got more questions about the simplest way to attach your wig? Find out more about The Wig Fix through the link: https://therenatural.com/pages/about


Image | Model sharonn_i wearing The Wig Fix  


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