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Why Wigs Are The Beauty Staple You Need In Your Beauty Routine

Why Wigs Are The Beauty Staple You Need In Your Beauty Routine

While wigs have been around for centuries with evidence of them found in varying cultures, the last ten years have seen wigs catapult in popularity. Whether it's for fashion, health or as a protective style, more people have been adding wigs to their regular beauty routines. Keep reading for what makes wigs the best beauty staple you need to add to your routine. 


Long or shot? Jet black or platinum blonde? Middle parting or a full fringe? No matter what style you're looking for, chances are, there's a wig for that. And if there isn't a ready-made wig that's 100% what you're looking for, Instagram is full of talented wig makers and stylists who can make your wig dreams come true. 


Beginner Friendly 

If you've ever thought wigs were too intimidating, you're not alone. First getting started with wigs can seem like a daunting task but thankfully, YouTube is full of resources. Whether you're unsure of where to find the best wigs and bundles or you're wondering how to choose the perfect cap size, YouTube has you covered. 

Companies like MyFirstWig specialise in providing high quality wigs for first-time wig wearers. They even sell must-have wig accessories like scarves and brushes so you're fully set up from the word 'go'. 

Great Protective Style 

Wigs also make a great protective style, which make them perfect for people including those who want to keep their natural hair tucked away for protection.  They're also amazing for anyone who wants to try out a new cut or colour but doesn't want to potentially damage their natural hair.

There are common misconceptions that wigs can lead to hair loss and weakened edges–not what anyone wants. While it's true that continued and excessive use of harsh adhesives without correct application and removal can contribute to such problems, wigs themselves aren't inherently 'bad' for your hair. 

The Wig Fix by The Renatural, for example makes attaching wigs easier than ever while simultaneously protecting natural hair.

This clever hair gripper is styled like a headband and made up from 100% medical-grade silicone which utilities the material's natural gripping ability to keep full circumference wigs in place.


Will you be incorporating wigs into your beauty routine or are they already part of it? Let us know in the comments. 

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