We want to invent products that make wigs effortlessly interchangeable, so you can focus on being carefree and feeling beautiful all while normalizing wigs in the process.

(Our wig obsessed)

Thank you for being here!

Being raised around black women that loved experimenting with their hairstyles, wigs were pretty normal to me growing up. Then they became an absolute Godsend when I was diagnosed with incurable scalp psoriasis at 12 years old.

I was always starting a DIY project to make them easier to wear and more realistic.

Fast forward to university (still wig obsessed), I wrote my dissertation about wig manufacturing and how the industry has developed over the last century.

In summary - it hasn't that much.

We're still applying and wearing similar wigs as they did in the 16th century.

After months of development I was able to create the world's first silicone wig gripper, The Wig Fix, and that's how The Renatural was born. 'Renatural' means - looks & feels so real, it might as well be.

We now have over 60,000+ wearers in 33 different countries, have been voted one of the best beauty products by VOGUE and have the first wig related patent in over 55 years.

This is just the start and I'm just so glad you're on this journey with us.

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