aasiyah abdulsalam founder of the renatural

I wanted to personally thank you for visiting The Renatural. It means so much to me (and your wigs).

I'm Aasiyah, the founder of The Renatural and I actually conceptualised and invented the Wig Fix myself.

I grew up in the UK and Ireland and had awful scalp psoriasis growing up (don't google this, it's not cute!).  Because of this it wasn't always easy to find suitable hairstylists and I was super self conscious about it, especially the periods where I experienced patches of hair loss.


After unsuccessful WebMD stints (if you know you know) I resorted to YouTube and dived into the world of wigs. Wigs were already quite normal to me growing up in a household and community full of black women. They became like second nature and I was always starting a DIY project to make them easier to wear and more realistic. 


Fast forward to university, my lecturers advised me to write my dissertation about something familiar. I chose wigs (I don't think they were expecting that answer 😭).

I ended up with a thesis about wig manufacturing and how the industry has developed over the last century. In summary - it hasn't that much. We're still applying and wearing similar wigs as they did in the 19th century. That's about the time they invented lace closures/wigs/frontals, (insane I know). 

I listed a ton of ideas on how I could solve these issues. 


After months of development I was able to create the world's first silicone wig gripper, The Wig Fix, and that's how The Renatural was born. 'Renatural' means - looks & feels so real, it might as well be.


We now have over 60,000 users in 33 different countries, have been voted one of the best beauty products by Vogue in 2020, have been mentioned in the Telegraph, DAZED, Glamour magazine, Refinery 29, Byrdie and also have Tokyo Stylez and Kahh Spence as ambassadors (wig stylists to Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Kelly Rowland and Doja Cat). 


So… if you haven’t tried The Wig Fix yet, what are you waiting for? Let’s feel our best together!  


Aasiyah Abdulsalam,

Founder of The Renatural



Got a question? Contact us at hello@therenatural.com and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.