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About Us

“I could never tell if her hair was ‘real’ or not. Her wig was never a cover up or hindrance it was always just an expression of her style, how she felt, what style she wanted to exude that day. It looked so effortless, I wanted that.”

We believe wigs are just another beauty product. They should be exciting, expressive and efficacious. That's why we're on a mission to create products that make wearing wigs easier, more realistic and stress-free.

We believe in the flexibility and versatility wigs provide. Wigs are everything that the beauty market aspires to be, 'seamless application with instant results'.

Meet the founder

Meet Aasiyah, the founder of the Renatural.

She was inspired to invent the Wig Fix after writing about the shortcomings of the wig industry for her dissertation (unusual topic for a geography student we know)!

"I feel like the beauty industry is experiencing so much innovation but this has barely touched the wig & weave industry. There’s so much creativity with stylists and customers but the products aren’t as innovative. At The Renatural we aspire to fill that gap."

(and yes she's wearing a wig - 22 inch kinky curly!)

You can read more about her here