The Wig Fix

Tired of your wig slipping and damaging your hairline?

Then we created the Wig Fix™ for you. 

The Wig Fix is the world's first patented hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight silicone headband that secures your wig while protecting your scalp and promoting natural hair growth underneath. 

The Wig Fix works with all glue-less wigs (this means that they must have a band installed or be fitted to the wearers head), comes in 5 shades, last for years and can be worn on heads with or without bio hair.

All orders are sent with tracked service and dispatched within 24 hours. We have shipping warehouses based in the UK and the USA. 


Delivery times:
(1-2 business days) - UK + USA  

(3-7 days business days) - All EU countries, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mexico 

(1-3 business days)  - Australia + New Zealand


What is your return policy?

We offer a 60 day money back guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty with each Wig Fix order*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1230 reviews
Much better now!

I bought The Wig Fix when it first came out years ago, and always found that it was too big for my head. But having to get a new one last month (due to my original being on its last legs) was a blessing, because they’re now much more fitted and feel way more secure when keeping wigs in place. Very pleased!

Only one

Wig liners ping off under my wig. I can't keep a wig still on my head. I have tried wig clips, velvet bands, tape, glue, other silicone bands, this is the only thing that seems to work. I think it's expensive and it doesn't last as long as the co reckon. But I do feel secure, finally. So about a year after my last one wore out completely ( and I did glue it back together) I have returned. Add a sigh of relief.

New to wigs
No mess and no bulk wig grip

Very pricey but works well. Wish I can easily order in Canada.

Sara Marsh
A Must Have!

I have been wearing lace front wigs since 2010 and I have tried every which way to secure my units. I don’t like the mess of glue and I don’t have the time to ‘got 2 be’ every day. The wig fix is a life saver for me. I am now on my third purchase from Renatural and I will continue to buy from them for years to come! And this will be many years as I plan to be an old lady rocking my lace fronts. I also had an issue with my last order and the customer service from Renatural was outstanding. 5* company and product!

Orafiri Chelsea

The Wig Fix


Only if your wig has an ear to ear glue-less band installed.

The Wig Fix doesn’t stick it grips the wig in place. The pressure from the circumference of the wig pushes down on the wig fix activating the grip (frictional adhesion).

The grip is activated by the pressure of the wig using the concept of frictional adhesion. 

For a frontal  wig must be the glue-less kind and the ear tabs may still need to be moussed/gelled when using the Wig Fix. For a closure wig you’re good to go as is! Overall it cuts frontal application time in half and protects/promotes natural hair growth underneath!

1. Silicone has been used & trusted by doctors, surgeons and hospitals for over 30 years as an exceptionally safe and effective means to heal and normalise scarred and burned skin. We only source our silicone from a medical device manufacturer.

2. When the Wig Fix is compressed onto scalp, it create a micro-climate between the skin and the silicone. This closed, healing environment is called occlusion by doctors and scientists. Occlusion allows for the moisture from the skin to draw up to the surface layer creating a protective barrier for the scalp and existing hair.  

3. The Wig Fix's unique patent pending textured silicone design uses gentle and comfortable compression against the scalp, this is automatically activated when worn. The residual effects stimulate increased blood flow encouraging thicker natural hair growth overtime. 

Watch Mariam Musa on The Real daytime TV taking about  how the Wig Fix helped rectify the damage from long term glue usage.



The Wig Fix silicone wig gripper fits head sizes between 45cm and 65cm (17-25 inches). 98% of the worlds adult population (UN/WHO statistics) is within this size range. We tested the product on hundreds of men, women and children (12+) to get the optimum universal fit. 

The Wig Fix can also be worn on heads with or without bio hair.

The transparent shade is suitable for all skin tones. 

We paired up each nude Wig Fix with the Fenty beauty foundation shade range. So whichever shade you are on the right would be the most suitable Wig Fix for you.

The transparent shade reflects what’s underneath and the skin tone version gives a skin like appeal. The transparent can be easily tinted with makeup and there’s a little difference with all shades if your lace is already tinted.