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Tired of your wig slipping and damaging your hairline?

Then the Wig Fix™ is for you.

The Wig Fix is the first ever skin soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight silicone headband that secures your wig, (rollercoaster proof, we’re serious!) while protecting your scalp and promoting natural hair growth underneath. We're patent-pending.

The Wig Fix is a universal size, works with all full wigs, last for years and can be worn on heads with or without bio hair.


How much is shipping?

All orders are sent tracked and dispatched within 24 hours. We have our shipping warehouses based in the US and the UK. 

£1.50 - £1.99 (1-2 days delivery) - UK, USA  

£6-9 (3-7 days delivery) - All EU countries 

£20 flat rate (1-3 days delivery)  - Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore 

£25 flat rate (2-4 days delivery) - UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa 

    Will the Wig Fix fit me?


    The WIG FIX fits head sizes between 45cm and 65cm (17-25 inches). 98% of the worlds adult population (UN/WHO statistics) is within this size range. We tested the product on hundreds of men, women and children (12+) to get the optimum universal fit. 

    The Wig Fix can also be worn on heads with or without bio hair.

    Does the Wig Fix work with frontal wigs?

    Yes! The Wig Fix works with all full glue-less wigs (full lace, wefted etc). So your wig must be be fitted or have an ear to ear band to ensure the maximum grip.

    How long does the Wig Fix last?
    The Wig Fix will last for years with good care.
    Will the Wig Fix show?

    Not at all, the Wig Fix will be fully covered by your wig.

    The Wig Fix is also X-ray transparent so it suits all skin tones. It can also be easily tinted as shown here.


    What's included?

    1 Wig Fix

    1 Wig Fix pouch

    1 demonstration card

    1 private Wig Fix video consultation/demonstration call (with a wig stylist expert with 10+ years of experience)

    A free wig (jk we wish!)

    What is the Wig Fix made out of?

    100% hypoallergenic silicone

    What happens if I sweat?

    The Wig Fix is water repellent and heat dissipating so sweat and moisture will not affect its gripping ability.

    However the Wig Fix must be initially applied onto a dry head with a dry wig.

    Can I see the Wig Fix YouTube reviews?

    Of course, please check out this playlist

    What is your returns policy?

    We offer a 20 day money back guarantee with every order. For more information click here 

    The Wig Fix being worn by a woman, who is wearing a wig on top.

    Roller coaster proof security

    No more slips or slide backs

    Woman wearing the Wig Fix.

    Protects scalp & edges

    Our patent pending design protects and stimulates the scalp which can promote natural hair growth

    The Wig Fix being taken out of its packaging.

    Apply in seconds

    Apply and remove the WIG FIX in seconds. Non sticky and the Wig Fix will not snag 

    The Wig Fix and its packaging side by side.

    Reusable for 2 years

    And you can wear the Wig Fix comfortably for hours on end

    Multiple packagings with the Wig Fix inside.

    Universal size

    Tested on over 100 participants before release, the Wig Fix fits all head sizes between 17 to 25 inches (statistically 98% of the worlds population over the age of 12)!

    The WIG FIX

    The WIG FIX