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Mircolinks - Giving Us What Wigs Can't?

Mircolinks - Giving Us What Wigs Can't?

The sole aim of wig innovation is to make wigs look more realistic, sustainable and manageable - but are we truly there yet? It seems there’s been a shift from wig units entirely, with the Black community, especially, championing more natural, seamless looks. In the midst of this era, we’ve seen the wig community happily welcome the return of our good-old hair extensions. 

We’ve seen them everywhere. From viral TikTok videos to ads on Instagram, we mean, there isn't really a way to avoid setting eyes on the popular hairstyle - microlinks. The old-but-new style has ticked all natural-looking-hair boxes, so our question is: are microlinks a more realistic wig solution?

Where Did they Come from?

Although not a new phenomenon, we completely understand why you would think they’re the latest invention in the industry. Its rise in popularity over the past two years has had everyone asking three main questions: 

1) Who invented this life-saving creation? 

2) Where can I get this installed? 

3) Again, where can I get this installed?! 

Back in the day, microlinks were called fusion extensions. Popular socialities such as Paris Hilton rocked these extensions to add some volume and versatility to their hairstyles. As of recent, however, the Black wig community have embraced this hairstyle all over again and we’re so here for it!


Paris Hilton

Image | Paris Hilton

How are they Installed?

There are two main types of microlinks: i-tips and wefts. For the weft method of installation, a hairstylist would use microbeads to attach tracks of hair to the client's head. With the i-tip method, a hairstylist would attach small extensions or i-tipped hair to tiny sections of the client's own hair, using a microbead or microtube. 



Image | Microlinks Install

Are they Realistic?

The aim of microlink extensions is to offer versatility in style, all while maintaining a natural look that still features one’s natural hair. There are no ‘tracks on show’, peeling lace adhesive or lifting lace with microlinks (thank God!). They offer a seamless blend with one’s natural hair and this is ultimately why they’re adored so much! Texture-matching micro links… a more realistic wig solution? We think yes!

 realistic and seamless microlinks


Where Can I See More?

The hashtag #microlinks on TikTok has amassed over 127.4M views and counting, so we’d suggest using TikTok’s search engine to see more. *Tip, like several videos in this hashtag to see similar video content begin to show up on your FYP*. 

Other platforms where you can view this revolutionary hairstyle would be Pinterest and Instagram. Some of favourite hairdressers that install microlinks include: Haus of Shee, 8th Wonder Hair and The Asia Nicole

microlinks on curly hair Image | Microlinks Install


 Who are your favourite microlink hairstylists? Let us know in the comments!

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