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The Renatural's Crystal Ball - 2023 Wig Predictions Revealed

The Renatural's Crystal Ball - 2023 Wig Predictions Revealed

2023 is a few weeks away, and we know you all love to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to all-things wigs, just as much as us! So, just as we did for 2022, we’ve put together the styles, buying habits and cultural choices that we think are going to be the standard in 2023. 

Read on to get a glimpse of some of the well-overdue, wacky and welcome wig trends!

Leaving Out Leave Out

The 2000s saw the emergence of the leave-out - when stylists would leave out a portion of hair at the crown of the head, whilst installing tracks and hair weave directly below and beside. The style, unsurprisingly, came back in 2022 with even better blending techniques (check out our previous blog here where we predicted this!)

41.3 million people viewed leave-out content on TikTok alone - but our prediction is that wigs will make a stronger comeback against the leave-out in 2022 for the same reason the leave-out left the chat. Hair always needs protection!

Weave leave out

Greater Accessibility

In the 2010s, we were lucky to find any information about how to wear a wig that didn’t use complicated techniques and DIY hack products. Pre-pandemic, wig tutorials were all the rage - we wanted to learn to style ourselves! I mean, if everyone else was doing it, who's to say we couldn't give it a go too, right?

We predict that in 2023, wigs will be a beauty no-brainer. With products that take the stress and strain away from wearing a wig, such as The Wig Fix, and platforms that sell affordable, new and lightly worn second-hand pieces - the style will be even more accessible. We love it here!

Young Africana on YouTube conducts a wig tutorial Image | Young Africana Conducts a Wig Install Tutorial for Beginners via YouTube


Greater AI Influence

In 2023, tech-enabled services such as Hairtelligence and Upgrade will make ordering wigs an easy, exact process that won’t have you pulling your actual hair out and second-guessing that measuring tape!

With a few selfies and your preferences, services like Hairtelligence will help you get the right cap size, lace tint, wig type, pattern, length, cut and pattern style.

With Upgrade, hair inspo from your camera roll will get you on your way to finding the perfect wig - just for you! Tech and wigs? A hair-loving futuristic dream!

Hairtelligence AI

Male Wig Industry Boom

The line between products that are 'made' for women and those marketed to men is already vanishing. Drag Queen culture (thankfully) has definitely influenced this, with male celebrities and K-Pop artists wearing wigs to shows and events as a form of art and self-expression. 

We predict even more of this happening in 2023 - and the average Joe joining in on the wig fun too. Why? Because of the rise of beard wigs and wig toppers or, ‘hair systems’ for men. We see them becoming more widely accepted as a result of amazing installation techniques by barbers such as Mickey Da Barber and Medexx on TikTok.

Male wig system


The progress that wig technology and techniques have made in recent years is something to applaud. What’s coming next only depends on how inventive and open-minded we can get. There’s no limit to where a well-placed track, some lace and good hair can take the wig industry… and we’re definitely here for the ride!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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