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Wig Artists That We Absolutely Admire!

Wig Artists That We Absolutely Admire!

The wonderful world of hair and beauty is an art that has revolutionised and developed through the ages. From Egyptian goddesses using malachite powder for their eyeshadow, to our favourite YouTubers showing us how to apply the latest Fenty blush, it’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way in the hair and beauty realm.

And of course, this is no different with wigs either. We’ve seen hairstylists become more and more creative over the years and create some real art. Read on to see some of our very favourite wig artists!

Kim Kimble

Kimberly Kimble, commonly known as Kim Kimble, is an American celebrity hairstylist, who from a young age, knew this would be her destiny. From playing with dolls' hair to finishing beauty school to then working at her mother’s hair salon, her intention to become one of the best global hairstylists was set in stone from the start.

In 2012, Kimble started the reality TV series, LA Hair, where her camera crew followed her and the staff of her salon, Kimble Hair Studio. The show was so popular that it was renewed for 5 seasons! 

Over the years, we’ve all admired her hair looks for Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, her hair products from her line Kim Kimble, and her role as Head of Hair for the hit show, Euphoria! Kimble is a wig artist and natural hair educator that we’ll always love.

Celebrity and Beyoncé hair stylist Kim Kimble uses Kim Kimble beauty productsImage | Kimberly Kimble 


Dave Edwards

Iconic wig ventilator Dave Edwards has single-handedly changed the game in the male wig construction realm.

With precision, accuracy and astonishing attention to detail, Edwards has taken the industry by storm with his ventilation processes. His aim is to recreate the most natural hairlines for men in the wig space and he’s done nothing short of that! He’s known to order bundles, cut their wefts off and start using each strand to ventilate a lace frontal, creating the hairline of dreams.

Sometimes taking upwards of 120 hours to create the perfect hairline, he owes his perfection to his previous career as a painter and his frequent study of natural hairlines.

In a true activist form, Edwards also sets out to end the stigma around wearing wigs, especially for men and those who suffer from hair loss.

Oh, and have you ever seen a wig artist ventilate eyebrows?! Yes, he does this too! Check it out here!

Dave Edwards lace ventilation

Image | Dave Edwards' Lace Frontal Wig


Edward Sizzahands

Edward Smith, commonly known as Edwards Sizzahands is yet another wig artist we love and admire. He is best known for his dramatic, bold and breathtaking wigs, usually created for drag queens including Monét X Change, Jaida Hall, Deja Skye and several others.

Last year, the ‘Hairweave Killa’ met up with Insider to take them through his wig-making process. In this video, he creates a money wig that shoots $100 bills out the front of the hair piece!

Having made the most creative wigs for RuPaul and celebrities alike, there’s no denying that Edward Sizzahands was made for this. 

P.S have you ever created a wig with gorilla glue, floor shellac or chicken wire? Edward Sizzahands says nothing is off limits when creating his wigs - yes, he’s used all the above to ensure he gets that look! 

We're always on the lookout for more wig artists that we can set both our eyes and hearts on! Who is your favourite wig artist? Drop your fave below in the comments section, let's discuss all-things wig artistry!

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