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How to Select The Best Wig Grip to Secure Your Wig

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Spotlight: The Wig Fix

With more than 60,000 customers across 33 countries, meet the glueless wig securing solution that will replace any wig glue, spray and tapes.


How to Swim With A Wig

Your vacation days may be booked but is your wig secure enough for a quick dip? Learn the best tips and tricks on how to swim with a wig.


The Vacation Wig Toolkit

From conditioning aftercare, to the edge-friendly wig security, get to know everything you need to make your wig vacation ready.

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You’re Just That B*tch: How to Slay your Wig with Confidence.

Before leaving the house, and just after looking in the mirror, you must always complete your look with the secret, game-changing ingredient - confidence. If you tell yourself you’re that b*tch, an...

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Celebrity Wig Suppliers Revealed
cardi b

Celebrity Wig Suppliers Revealed

Sometimes we look at celebrity wigs and just stare in awe - it’s unbelievable how laid, pressed and sleek their wigs lay... so we just had to do some digging! We have found some of the most sought-...

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