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Top 20 Best Wig Influencers

Top 20 Best Wig Influencers

Wig influencers and content creators are an amazing source for inspiration, wig help, and pure joy. Here's a roundup of the best wig influencers we think every wig lover should be following in 2021. 

best wig influencers

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Deb doesn't just give you unbelievable makeup looks and sensational wigs, she'll also put you on to the best beauty products like the Wig Fix – the silicon hair gripper that keeps wigs secured and edges protected. Her infectiously bright personality is also an added bonus!


Alonzo Arnold 

More a comedy lover? Get ready to spend hours on Alonzo's feed being served funny skits and floored by his flawless wig creations.


Tokyo Stylez

You can't talk about A-List wig stylists without mentioning Mia aka Tokyo Stylez. Having worked with celebs Kylie Jenner in the past and the magic hands behind Cardi B's incredible array of wigs, Tokyo is definitely one to follow if you love adventurous, bold, and high-end wig looks.



For our wig lovers who prefer a bit of an alternative wig look with plenty of high octane makeup to match, Simmone is your girl. 


Alfred Lewis 

If there's one thing Alfred will do, it's serve you impeccable wig styles. Whether you're after inches, colours or styles, he's truly got you covered.


Kahh Spence

If you've ever wondered how stars like Ryan Destiny, Kehlani, Kelly Rowland, and Doja Cat manage to have picture-perfect hair every time, you've got the uber-talented Kahh Spence to thank for that. Follow him for red carpet-worthy wig looks (bonus: he also posts some seriously hilarious comedy skits). 

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Ever heard of the flip over method? Ivy is one of the key figures behind the wig style popular amongst YouTubers. One of the OGs when it comes to online wig influencers and content creators, Ivy has been showing people around the world how to slay their wigs at home to this day. Let's put it this way: there's a reason her online handle is Ivy League Styles. 

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If you're into the wig game, you know who Peakmill is and if you don't, you're in for a wig awakening. Peakmill never serves up anything less than perfection and her helpful YouTube tutorials help guide you in your own wig journey. A must-follow for anyone looking for wig inspiration and easy to follow how-to tutorials. 

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Andre Cavasier

Hairstylist Andre Cavasier knows how to lay any wig for the most incredible result. We'll let his work speak for itself: 


Mariam Musa

Mariam's looks serve as great inspiration if you find yourself in a wig-rut. Whether she's wearing classic styles or giving them a subtle refresh, we know she'll have you saving her posts ready for your next hair appointment making her one of the best wig influencers around. 

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Arnell Armon 

If you've ever thought of trying out a new wig style but weren't quite ready to take the risk yourself, chances are Arnell has tried it. From new wig trends like headband wigs to different colouring methods, Arnell isn't afraid to try new things when it comes to wigs making her one of the best wig influencers to refer to for the latest wig trends. 

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Stella Cini 

From at-home dye-jobs to showing you the best way to secure your wigs without glue, Stella is a great source for new and seasoned wig lovers alike. 

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Ms Precious Marie

Love a classic wig look but still want to look glam? Ms Precious Marie is your girl. Clean, timeless wig looks are her forte. 


Lizzis Lox

If you're not afraid of bold colours when it comes to your wigs, Lizzi is someone you need to follow ASAP. From rainbow creations to neon masterpieces, Lizzi's wig looks are anything but ordinary. 


Gina Box 

Whether you love cosplay but are never quite sure how to make wigs work for your cosplays and are looking for some serious inspo or you just love seeing classic pop culture characters come to life and reinterpreted (with some bangin' wigs of course) Gina is your girl. 



She calls herself The Editorial Princess and we back that title 100%. Let's let her work do the talking for us: 


Hair By Kele

"What lace?" That's what you'll be asking yourself when you scroll through Kele's feed. 



Ms Rosh Posh

Have you seen that electric blue wig online? You know the one that's constantly reposted and stays snatching people's edges (figuratively of course)? That was Ms Rosh Posh aka Raschelle Smith's creation and the YouTube video guiding you through how to create it has amassed an impressive 3million views for good reason. Raschelle is never short of jaw-dropping wig looks and easy to follow tutorials guiding you on how to create your own wig masterpieces. 




We will always sing this wig maker's praises because these wig creations are what we call pure wig art. Just a brief scroll through this wig haven aka Instagram account will have you planning your next dozen wig looks. 



Noah Scott aka whatwigs will really have you asking, "What wigs?" his creations are just that good. So if you're a lover of hyper-realistic wigs in a range of stunning hues, you need to follow his account ASAP

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A post shared by Noah Scott (@whatwigs)


Who is your favourite wig influencer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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