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Sex Proof Wig Attachments: Securing Your Wig During Sex

Sex Proof Wig Attachments: Securing Your Wig During Sex

You may be rolling your eyes at this one, but chances are, it's a question you've asked before. So keep reading for our top tips on the best ways to secure your wig during sex with these sex proof wig attachments.

Headband Wigs
One of the best ways to secure your wig during sex is through headband wigs. Whilst they're not a new invention, headband wigs have grown in popularity this year for many reasons. Most notably however, is due to the fact that they're easy to apply with less prep and are also more low maintenance compared to full wigs. This makes them one of the best ways to secure your wig during sex. 
As they don't require much prep to apply (simply brush your natural hair back and apply the wig) and you don't have to worry about any frontals or closures lifting, it makes them a great option to wear if you're wondering how to keep your wig on during sex.

You can also pair them with added headband accessories for some extra security and still look cute.

And because of their design, should your wig happen to slip a little if and when things get especially heated, headband wigs are super easy and quick to readjust.
The Wig Fix
If you're loyal to traditional, full wigs and want it to stay secure during sex, the Wig Fix is the perfect option for you.
A patent-pending invention from The Renatural, the Wig Fix uses the natural gripping abilities of silicone to keep your wig in place during even the most strenuous activities
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Bobby Pins
If you know things are sure to get especially wild and want to make sure your wig doesn't fall off during sex, turning to an old favourite is a good bet and bobby pins are an oldie but a goodie.

Strategically placed around the perimeter of your wig–particularly the sides and back–can give you extra peace of mind in knowing that your wig won't fall off during sex. 

While bobby pins can help keep your wig on when having sex, be wary that if pulled too much, they can also pull some of your natural hair off with them so try to be mindful of this when using them. 
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the dark side of wig glue
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While the above tips on the best ways to keep your wig secure during sex can help give you peace of mind, remember that accidents can happen and sometimes wigs do fall off during sex. However, it's not the end of the world.

Remembering that is just as important as prepping your wig so it stays secure during sex. Should your wig indeed fall off while having sex, you can easily make a joke out of it and keep it moving. And if your partner for whatever reason has issues with you wearing wigs, maybe it's time to dump them!
Do you have any tips for keeping your wig on during sex? Share them with us in the comments. And if you're after more wig related content, head on over to our social media channels:

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