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A Tale of Wigs and Acne Aftermath

A Tale of Wigs and Acne Aftermath

Getting a new install has to be one of the best feelings in the world. It’s definitely up there with treating yourself to an all-inclusive holiday to Mexico - well, for us it is.

The not-so-nice part of the installation experience, however? The acne aftermath. The glue, sweat and oil residue left underneath our lace sometimes leads to the acne we hate so much. Luckily for you, we’re explaining the reasons why your wigs may welcome forehead acne with some simple-but-effective solutions. Read on and be done with wig-triggered acne, once and for all!

What is Forehead Acne?

Forehead acne is a common skin condition that occurs when one’s hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells.

Image | A Case of Forehead Acne

Acne Aftermath - Where Does It Come From?

Let’s take it back a notch. When we strip everything back from the start of our wig journeys, answers start to appear. We’d recommend asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What hair does my wig use? Is it synthetic, with kanekalon fibres that I’m allergic to, or is it human hair that I should’ve washed before wearing?
  2. What type of wig am I wearing? Is it a full-fringe wig that may irritate my forehead?
  3. What products do I use when washing my wig? Am I using fragrance-based shampoos and conditioners known to irritate my skin? Would it be better to use sensitive-skin shampoos and conditioners?
  4. What’s my wig application method? Do lace adhesives, tapes and sprays do more harm than good to my forehead? What safer alternatives could I use instead?

Understanding the specific hair and type of wig you’re wearing and the products used for washing and applying your wig may be the secret to tackling your forehead acne.

full fringe wig created by premium wig maker, Chrissy Bales

Image | A Chrissy Balles Full-Fringe Wig

What Can We Do About It?

Being the solutions-based company we are, you know that we just had to highlight how you can both prevent and treat your forehead acne.

1. Double Cleansing

A consistent and effective skincare routine is paramount to preventing and treating your acne. We’d recommend adopting the Korean skincare method, double-cleansing. As the first step of your routine, using an oil will allow break up the dirt, oil and sweat and makeup on your skin - which are often key components to acne! Follow up with your water/gel-based cleanser.


a woman oil cleansing, using the Korean skincare method of double cleansing

2. Wig Application

If your skin isn’t taking well to lace adhesives and glue, then abort mission - we repeat, abort mission! Consider using silicone wig bands such as The Wig Fix - easy to apply, easy to remove, and easily wiped down! Oh, and the best thing about it? Rollercoaster-proof, so don’t worry about your wig falling off on the move!

Image | The Wig Fix

3. Topicals

Your acne has cleared and now you’re left with heaps of hyperpigmentation. This is where our good friend, ‘Faded’ by Topicals, comes to save the day! Using this serum over time will treat your hyperpigmentation when used alongside your trusty SPF.

Topicals skincare product, 'faded' for hyperpigmentationImage | ‘Faded’ Serum by Topicals

So now you understand the cause, prevention and cure, we’ll leave the rest to you! Follow our steps and tag us in your forehead-acne-no-more pictures on Instagram! If you have any suggestions of your own that we’ve missed, share them below.

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