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How To Keep Your Wig in the Game - Past It's Retirement

How To Keep Your Wig in the Game - Past It's Retirement

So, you've bought your wig from a reputable online shop, it's been washed and styled to the gawds, and it looks great. Slowly, after a few weeks of wear, it seems a bit ragged and frayed and nothing like the dream you were promised via that hairstylist’s IG! Well, keep reading, we’ve got some tips that are guaranteed to extend the lifespan of your precious piece...

Invest in a Wig Stand/Mannequin Head

Q: Are you storing your wigs in boxes or just laying them down on your dresser?

If you answer yes, then sis, you need to join the wig protection brigade. The best way to prevent tangles in your wig is by using a wig stand or mannequin head to hold it up.

Collapsible wig stands made of plastic are portable and great for people that travel with their hair. Still, they're not very stable and can easily tip over.

Ever heard of glass mannequin heads? They’re really the main character here. Check out our previous blog to find out more about them!

mannequin wig head


Don’t Go Too Crazy with Your Hair Brush

There's nothing more annoying than a good quality wig that you all-of-a-sudden can't run your fingers through anymore. Tangles are the main culprit and make for a super aggravating stiff wig.

Make a habit of brushing through your wig daily, and don't be afraid to add a little product when you do too - we’d suggest the cruelty-free Scalp Serum from This Hair of Mine… work it into every nook and cranny!


Wash Day... But Make it Fun

Set a reminder for some TLC time for your wigs. Wigs should be washed every 2-4 weeks, depending on how often you wear them. Remember - your wigs do not produce the natural nutrients so some TLC is necessary! On wash day, use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. We would also recommend steering clear from blow-dyers - allow your wig to air dry instead.

Busy in the week? No problem - try this out on a chilled Sunday afternoon. Pro tip: To avoid the hassle of tackling glue residue on wash day, use The Wig Fix instead!

washing human hair

New Cut, Who Dis?!

With a snip here and a snip there, you can breathe in new life to a wig style that you may have grown bored of. A trim would only take about 15 minutes and can make a huge difference in your wig’s appearance. It's best to do it with scissors or clippers - make sure it's sharp enough for the job! If you need help figuring out where to start, hand it over to a stylist or head to TikTok!

ImageShort Bob Wig


However, there are some wigs that are arguably beyond repair... or, you may just feel like you’re simply ready to part ways with it. Whatever the case, if you feel like it's time, trust your gut. Gently and graciously send it to the wig afterlife - check out how to give your wig the honourbale send-off it deserves here!

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