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The Best Hair Growth Oils

The Best Hair Growth Oils

Whether you're wanting to thicken up your edges or want to promote all-over growth, hair oils are a popular way of doing both. Join us as we take you through some of the best hair growth oils. 

Kiya Cosmetics 

UK beauty brand Kiya Cosmetics offers a variety of hair and body care products including their Hair Growth Oil. Not only does it help support natural hair growth and retention thanks to its vitamin and nutrient-packed formulation, but this lightweight and non-greasy oil is also suitable for all hair types.

best hair growth oils

Image | Kiya Cosmetics


Kiehl's Magic Elixir 

This pre-shampoo treatment from Kiehl's conditions hair and stimulates the scalp for healthier and longer strands. With an easy-to-use dispenser tip, this oil is packed with a "magical mix" of oils including rosemary, avocado, and safflower oil for the best results. 

Simply shake well, apply sparingly to the scalp, leave to work for 10 minutes and thoroughly shampoo from hair. As part of a consistent routine, this wonderful concoction from Kiehl's helps improve hair health and promotes growth over time.  

Image | Kiehl's 



Next up on our list is Founded by Jummie Ogunyemi after suffering from different forms of hair loss including Postpartum Alopecia, GlammedNaturally offers a range of products that are focused on improving hair health and promoting hair growth. The stand-out product in the collection is their Hair Growth Oil.

Formulated with 100% organic oils including castor seed, jojoba, sesame seed, and Vitamins E and B, this oil has gained a lot of fans and we're not surprised. With before and after shots that make even our jaws drop, it's no surprise GlammedNaturally's Hair Growth Oil is so popular. Although based in the US, their products are available worldwide through specially selected retailers including Hair Passion Beauty in the UK. 

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Things To Keep In Mind

While the oils we've mentioned in this post were designed to help promote hair growth and/or retention, it doesn't mean they're guaranteed to fix all of your hair woes. You can apply as much oil as you want but if you're not also following a suitable and consistent routine, you might end up inadvertently causing more damage to your hair so keep the following in mind:

  • Less is more – be sparing with the oil so as not to overload your hair
  • Targeted use can be more effective – instead of oiling your entire scalp (which can sometimes make your scalp drier) only use the oils in areas where you find your hair is more sparse such as bald patches or edges
  • Wash your hair – every 7-10 days according to trichologist Ebuni Ajidua 
    Aside from everyday aggressors like dirt, products can cause build-up in your hair which can actually lead to more breakage and slower growth. It's almost like using skincare products to treat hyperpigmentation but not wearing SPF every day–completely pointless. Make sure you regularly wash your hair to keep it clean and healthy. 

Do you have a favourite hair growth oil? Let us know in the comments. 

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