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Top 10 Best Cosplay Wigs

Top 10 Best Cosplay Wigs

We believe that cosplay is an art form. From the intricate costumes to the total immersion, it's truly in a league of its own but there's one aspect of cosplaying we at The Renatural love the most. That's right–it's the wigs. Whether you're looking for inspo for your next costume or you just like to admire gorgeous wigs, join us as we take you through our top 10 best cosplay wigs. 


Starting with a simple but powerful classic, it's this jet black, extra-long wig from Lush Wigs. A unit like the Farrow wig should be a staple in any cosplayer's wig wardrobe. Leave it as is or style it to match your favourite character's hairstyle for a spot on costume. 

Image | Lush Wigs


We know this is a roundup of our favourite cosplay wigs but this piece by Star Style Wigs is so pretty, we'd wear it daily. Aptly named Cyber Crush, this deep yellow, bob-style wig that comes with a cute blunt cut fringe and soft waves for a sweet look. Perfect for a variety of costumes and a standout on our list of best cosplay wigs. 

Image | Star Style Wigs 


'Pumpkin Spice' by Temper Hair looks as good as it sounds. Although on the more expensive end when it comes to wigs, you know you're getting what you pay for with this wig. Made from 100% human hair, this gorgeous wig comes in a standout ginger shade and can even be customised to different densities and even have a fringe added. If your character's look calls for a shorter style, it even comes in a bob version to save you the additional effort of cutting it yourself. 

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Game of Thrones might have wrapped up with its last episode in 2019, but the love for the show is still strong and one of its most popular characters, Daenerys Targaryen remains a cosplay favourite. This affordable ash-blonde wig from Wig Is Fashion is a perfect choice for nailing the Mother Of Dragons' iconic look. With the waves already added, all you need is to add some braids and you're ready to wage war in the name of the Iron Throne. Just make sure you've secured it with a Wig Fix beforehand because nothing spoils a coup quite like your wig falling off mid-battle. 

Image | Wig Is Fashion


Channelling your inner Sailor Soldier is easier than ever thanks to this Sailor Moon Wig by Epic Cosplay. Well constructed and affordable, it's the perfect option for recreating this iconic character. 

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Even if you're not into anime, you might've seen the half and half white/red hairstyle being worn by some celebs such as Megan Thee Stallion. Nicknaming herself 'Todoroki Tina' as a nod to her alter ego Tina, Meg's infamous look is also inspired by Shoto Todoroki, a popular character from the series My Hero Academia. Thanks to this wig from Amazon, you can create the look with minimal effort.  

Image | The Geek Herald


Sticking with characters from My Hero Academia, the series' main protagonist Izuku Midoriya is another cosplay favourite and this wig from AliExpress captures his staple black and green her flawlessly. 

Image | AliExpress


Ever since Margot Robbie made her debut as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, this latest iteration of the DC Comics character has been a popular cosplay choice and it wouldn't be complete without the hair. The pink and blue-tipped blonde twin ponytails look is essential for capturing her look and this wig by Wig Is Fashion nails it. 

Image | Wig Is Fashion


If you were a Nickelodeon kid growing up, you knew about The Wild Thornberrys and their less than common life! Cookie nailed this cosplay of Debbie; the typical angsty 16-year old with incredible hair. With a little tweaking of this Amazon wig, it makes the most amazing and accurate recreation of Debbie's hair.

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Last but not least, this wig by Uniqso is just what you need to cosplay the beloved character, Anna, from Disney's Frozen. Not only is the colour spot on but with the styling already completed, it makes cosplaying her easier than ever! These days children can even join in on the fun and find kid-friendly wigs to make the experience that much more exciting. 

Image | Uniqso

Which of these wigs are your favourite? Let us know in the comments!  

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