Clean Beauty For Wigs?! How Wigs Can Be Considered Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty For Wigs?! How Wigs Can Be Considered Clean Beauty

When you hear the phrase 'clean' beauty, wig care might not be the first thing you think of but with the rising interest in the topic, it's time wigs and haircare were paid their dues. In this blog post we're going over the subject of clean beauty for wigs 

 What is clean beauty? 

As the term is still relatively new and has no clear-cut, standardised definition, the term still draws confusion for many people. In simple terms (and the way we definite it) is cruelty-free beauty products, ethically made and designed for long term use without causing damage to the environment or future generations (aka sustainable) as well as being suitable for people with sensitive skin types.

How does clean beauty apply to wigs?

From the manufacturing process of your wigs to your daily wig care, clean beauty can also apply to wigs. On a day-to-day basis, traditional wig attachment methods like glues can prove less sustainable and depending on your skin type, irritate your skin. Likewise, attachment methods like combs and elastic bands can put tension on your hair and lead to adverse health effects like traction alopecia. These issues lead to the big question: 

How you can 'clean' up the way you attach your wig:

The Wig Fix by The Renatural is a patent-pending silicone headband designed to be worn underneath your wig to not only keep it secured (we're talking roller coaster proof!) but also protect your skin and hair. Thanks to its innovative design and construction, this 100% medical-grade silicone hair gripper is also specially designed to last you for two years with regular use proving it to be purse AND environmentally friendly. Perfect for those looking for affordable ways to secure their wigs.

clean beauty for wigs


Your skin deserves the best even under your wigs so shop your Wig Fix only through The Renatural ✨

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