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8 Common Wig Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

8 Common Wig Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Whether you're new to wigs or a seasoned pro, there are some wig mistakes we all make and come across on our wig journeys. Here's how to avoid them. 

Wearing The Wrong Size Wig 

Wearing a wig that doesn't fit just opens the door to a pile of wig problems. Not only does an incorrectly fitting wig look unflattering, it can cause slipping, headaches and general discomfort. Wigs should always fit just right–snug enough that they feel secure without causing pain or discomfort. 

To avoid buying a wig that doesn't quite fit right, make sure you're familiar with your head size by measuring it and comparing it to the size of the wig you're interested in purchasing.

Measuring Head Size For Wigs To Avoid Common Wig Mistakes

Image |  Heavenly Tresses

Not Attaching It Correctly 

One worry every wig wearer has probably come across is debating the best way to attach their wigs. The fear of having a wig fall off In public can discourage many people from wearing wigs and incorrectly attaching a wig can cause a mountain of wig issues.

This is why finding a good way to attach your wig that works for you is key in avoiding common wig mistakes. Combs, clips and glue are popular ways to attach wigs–but they are also outdated. Not only can they be uncomfortable, they also don't always work the best and can even cause damage to your hair and skin. Thankfully, there is another option available for wig lovers: The Wig Fix

Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, this clever wig gripper was named one of VOGUE's best beauty products of 2020–and for good reason. Worn underneath wigs like a headband, it keeps wigs secured without damaging natural hair or the delicate lace on the wig. It's easy to use and takes the guesswork out of attaching your wigs for the best result, and to help you avoid common wig mistakes.

 Using Too Much Glue

Wig glue is a popular way to attach wigs–particularly full lace and frontal wigs. However, the dark side of wig glue is rarely discussed. Not only can it cause damage to your skin and hair, it can also damage your wigs.

Regularly using too much glue, not applying and not removing it correctly can create a wealth of problems and is unfortunately one of the common wig mistakes wig wearers make.

So if you're a die-hard lover of wig glue and not yet ready to move to a more gentle and easy to use attachment method like the Wig Fix, always use wig glues sparingly and responsibly to avoid creating extra problems.

Expecting Too Much 

Instagram, YouTube and TV shows are full of incredible wig stylists, celebrities and influencers with amazing wigs.

This overflow of people with seemingly 'perfect' wigs has warped our perceptions of what defines a 'good' wig. With the increasing popularity of melted hairlines (the application of wig lace to allow for a hyper-realistic look) and high-fashion wigs, it's easy to compare these wigs to the ones we wear in everyday life and can lead us to believe our wigs are not as good. 

However, expecting your wigs to look like the ones we see online is a common wig mistake as it's not realistic–oftentimes these wigs can be edited to look more 'perfect'. 

When it comes down to it, a wig is a wig and although there are steps you can take to make your wigs look more realistic and like those seen online, it's important to manage your expectations and not feel bad if your wig doesn't look 100% like the ones you see online.

Neglecting Your Natural Hair 

Wigs can be an amazing protective style however a common mistake people can make when wearing wigs is neglect their natural hair underneath. Just because your hair is hidden under a wig doesn't mean you can forget about it.

Even if you wear wigs every day, it's still important to take care of your natural hair underneath to keep it healthy, otherwise you could end up damaging it. 

Make sure you regularly wash your natural hair, keep it moisturised and looked after even when wearing wigs. 

Not Customising The Wig To Suit You 

One aspect of wigs we all love is the convenience of them–they allow us to change up our style in moments but not all wigs will immediately suit you. It would be great if all wigs we bought immediately suited us perfectly straight from the box but that isn't always the case.

If you're buying a ready-made wig that wasn't tailored to you, making small adjustments to it like customising the hairline can make a huge difference in getting the wig to suit you. Always make the time to try your wigs on and tailor them to suit your style, face shape and hairline for the most flattering and realistic result. 

Under And Over Plucking 

Like we mentioned above, taking the time to customise a wig by plucking the hairline and/or parting to suit you is a great way to avoid common wig mistakes like a helmet-looking wig.

However, sometimes too much plucking can end up leaving you with a wig that's too sparse. This is why it's important to take your time if customising your wig.

Over Bleaching 

Bleaching the knots on a wig has become common practice when it comes to creating a wig that looks as realistic as possible. However, too much bleaching can cause damage to the delicate lace. When bleaching the knots on your wig, always do this carefully and keep a sharp eye on your timing to avoid over-bleaching and damaging your wig. 

Do you have any common wig mistakes you've made in the past? Let us know in the comments!

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