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Difference Between A Wig, Half Wig And And A Wig Topper

Difference Between A Wig, Half Wig And And A Wig Topper

The world of wigs is huge–from full wigs to half wigs all the way to toppers, there's a wig for everyone. But what's the difference between a wig, half wig and and a wig topper? Read on to find out what they are and which is most suited to you.

Full Wigs

When the word 'wig' is mentioned, you're likely thinking of full wigs. Like the name suggests, full wigs are full circumference wigs that cover the entire head. With these, no natural hair is left out which makes them a great choice for protective styling or for temporarily changing your look–think length, style and colour. 

They can be made with closures or frontals with the latter gaining more popularity with regular wig wearers as they can provide a very natural look when correctly installed. Closure wigs are also popular as they're easier to maintain than frontals which makes them a preferred choice for everyday wig wearers.

Image | Steph Cardenas Wearing A Full Bob Wig From INH

Full wigs are also popular with people experiencing health conditions such as alopecia and cancer. Losing hair can be a very jarring experience for many people but thanks to full wigs, hair loss can be disguised for people who wish to do so even if they have little or no bio hair. 

Is a full wig for you? If you would like to be able to switch up your style and look through your hair whilst keeping your natural hair protected, full wigs are for you. And if you like to be able to easily access your natural hair by being able to take your wig off daily, go for a closure wig. For temporary style changes (no longer than a few days) a frontal is also a viable option.

Don't forget to correctly install your full wigs using a gentle attachment method for the best results. Otherwise, wigs can end up damaging your hair and/or skin further. Full wigs are commonly attached with clips, combs and even glue. These attachment methods can actually cause damage to hair and skin when used excessively over time.

The Wig Fix by The Renatural is a silicone hair gripper that prevents damage to hair while keeping wigs secured. It's specifically designed to be used with full circumference wigs and is suitable for people with and without bio hair.


Half Wigs 

Unlike full wigs, half wigs only cover a part of the head. But don't let the name fool you. Just because they're called half wigs doesn't mean they only cover half of your head–half wigs can cover most of your head but still require some natural hair to be left out to be blended with the wig. Headband wigs, which have recently gained popularity, can be considered half wigs.

Image | Amazon

Sometimes also referred to as 3/4 wigs, half wigs are a popular way to add some length or volume to a person's hair while still allowing them to keep some of their natural hair visible. This visible hair is usually the hair towards the front of the head.

By blending the person's natural hair with a half wig in this way, it allows the creation of the illusion that all of the hair is natural, similar to clip-in hair extensions. Unlike extensions, though, half wigs can be quicker and easier to install for a quick makeover. 

However, due to their dependence on the wearer having a a good amount of bio hair to allow the half wig to clip to and be blended with, these are not the best option for people with especially thin hair, or little to no hair at all. 

Is a half wig for you? Yes, if you'd like the option to quickly add more volume or length to your natural hair either for daily wear or for special occasions.

Wig Toppers

Like the name suggests, wig toppers are designed primarily for the top (crown) of the head. These are an amazing way to add more volume to the top of the hair and are popular with people who have experienced hair loss in that particular area due to medicals reasons like alopecia or stress who don't want to wear full or half wigs. 

Toppers can also be used as a form of fashion with fringe pieces now available as a quick and easy way to switch up your look. 

Is a wig topper for you? Yes, if you only want to add some volume to your hair, if hair loss is confined to the crown of your head or if you want to experiment with a fringe/bangs. 

What type of wigs do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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