How To Deal With Anxiety While Wearing A Wig

Wigs are a great form of self-expression and can be a big confidence boost for a range of people. They can be worn for a variety of reasons; whether it's for health reasons, for fashion, or 'just because', wigs should ultimately be a source of fun and confidence for the wearer. Unfortunately, sometimes the wearing of wigs can also bring with it a sense of anxiety. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with anxiety while wearing a wig. 

Why Do I Feel Anxious Wearing A Wig? 

Before looking into easing your wig-related anxieties, it's first important to think about why the idea of wearing wigs is making you feel anxious in the first place. These reasons can vary greatly and may range from person to person, but some common reasons can be due to the following: 

  • Wearing a wig for the first time
  • Previous bad experiences with wigs 
  • Fear of damage to your natural hair 

Whatever the reason for you wig related anxiety and worries, it's important to remember that these reasons are completely normal and valid. 

Once you have established the reasons why you may feel anxious about wearing a wig, you can start addressing them head on. 

How To Deal With Beginner Wig Anxiety 

Beginner wig anxiety is completely natural, even if you're someone who has been regularly exposed to wigs in their daily life. For example, if someone close to you is a regular wig wearer.

Despite the wig market growing in response to the rising popularity of wigs in recent years, wigs are unfortunately still plagued by different types of stigma. Invasive questions such as "Is that your real hair?" or "Are you wearing a wig?" are often rooted in negative stereotypes associated with wigs such as the idea that someone has to be ashamed of their natural hair to want to wear wigs. This of course, is rarely true. 

Anxiety from fear of judgement 

If you find that most–if not all–of your wig related anxiety stems from the idea of other people's reactions and judgements, getting more comfortable wearing your wig in small steps is a good way to become more confident wearing a wig.

Start off by wearing your wig at home, by yourself. Even if it's just for 30 minutes each day, doing this lets you become more comfortable with your wig–how it feels, how to apply it and most importantly, how it makes you feel.

From this, you can start wearing your wig around a few family and friends or even wearing your wig for short trips out such as to the supermarket. These small steps can go a long way in building your confidence when it comes to wearing wigs so that eventually, you'll have the confidence to wear them more regularly in your daily life. 

Anxiety from a lack of knowledge

A common reason people find themselves feeling anxious over the idea of wearing wigs, is a lack of knowledge. The wig world can seem daunting even to regular wig-wearers so for a beginner, it can be even more overwhelming. Common questions beginners have about wigs are where to find beginner-friendly wigs and the best way to attach wigs. 

Thankfully, wigs are more accessible now than ever and affordable wig options can be easily bought online. Check out our blog post for the best places to buy beginner friendly wigs.

When it comes to attaching wigs, the Wig Fix by The Renatural was created with ease in mind, making it perfect for beginners. It's a silicone hair gripper designed to be worn like a headband underneath your wigs to keep them secured. It works with full circumference wigs (wigs that cover your entire head) and is easy to apply and remove. Not only that, but it protects your natural hair from potential damage. 


How To Deal With Wig Anxiety After Previous Bad Experiences 

One bad experience can be put you off from trying something again and wigs are no different. 

Maybe your bad experience was due to not liking the way your wig looked. If this is the case, consider finding a wig influencer online whose wig styles you like and using them for inspiration. Wig influencers will often also share their tips and tricks making them a great source of knowledge for beginners. As you become more comfortable with wigs, you will naturally start developing your own wig style to make them uniquely yours. Read on for the best Instagram and TikTok wig influencers to follow.

If your bad experience was due to unwanted questions like "Are you wearing a wig?" check out our blog post on how to tackle that question with ease. 

More Tips To Help You Deal With Anxiety While Wearing A Wig

Use social media 

Social media is an amazing place to connect with link minded people who share your passions. Try following content creators, Influencers and brands who specialise in wigs. Not only can these be incredible sources of inspiration for you wig style, they can also help you learn more about wigs and connect with people who most likely have felt the same way you do now. 

Check out our blog posts on the best Instagram wig accounts and the best TikTok wig accounts to follow. 

Educate yourself

Reading online articles on wigs (Stylecaster are great for this!), watching YouTube videos and looking through social media like we discussed above are great ways to educate yourself on wigs. Knowing more about certain topics can be a good way to ease your anxiety especially if your wig anxiety is rooted in a lack of knowledge.  

Talk to people around you 

This is especially great if someone you know is already a regular wig wearer. Chances are, whatever wig worries you have, they've had them too, so you can ask them how they dealt with their worries. 

Alternatively, use social media to connect with people online. We're lucky to live in a time when knowledge is often just a tap away. You don't necessarily have to talk directly to these people. In the case of wig Influencers or Content Creators, their content alone may answer questions you've had to allow you to feel more at ease with you wig worries. 

How To Deal With Anxiety Caused By Fear Of Damage 

A common misconception around wigs is the idea that they cause damage to natural hair. This is only true when they're not worn, removed and taken care of correctly.

Wigs can be low or high maintenance depending on various factors such as how often they're worn and what types of wigs they are but, the bottom line is, they do require care.

You also need to remember to take care of your natural hair underneath. Just because it's tucked away under your wig doesn't mean you can neglect it. Poor wig maintenance combined with neglect of your natural hair is a recipe for disaster. Here are some must-read blogs on basic wig care:

Did these tips help you ease your wig wearing anxieties? Let us know in the comments!

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