How to Pick the Best Wig Grip to Secure Your Wig

How to Pick the Best Wig Grip to Secure Your Wig

Wig security is hands down the #1 thing on any wig wearer's mind when they step outside. No one wants to worry about having an incident where their wig falls off! So many wig wearers go to extreme lengths to ensure their wigs don't fall off (we're talking about the people using gorilla glue on their scalps). While glue and other methods may work for some they also come with damaging side effects like scarring at the hairline and hair loss.

Katy Perry Wig Snatched

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For those who want wig security without the damage a wig grip is the answer (bless up)! But now we have to consider which wig grip is best for overall wear and for providing wig security. The most common types of wig grips are either made from silicone or velvet.

Silicone Wig Grips

The Wig Fix from The Renatural

The Wig Fix is a patented, skin-soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and lightweight silicone headband that secures your wig while inducing natural hair growth underneath.

The Wig Fix wig grip from The Renatural


  • Security: Provides rollercoaster-proof wig security 
  • Protects and grows natural hair: The Wig Fix is made out of medically approved silicone which helps skin and hair retain their natural oils. The nodes of the Wig Fix gently stimulate the scalp while it's being worn which induces natural hair growth.
  • Universal fit: Its uniquely thin size and transparency makes it adaptable for all skin tones and head sizes. The Wig Fix fits head sizes from 45cm to 65cm. 98% of the world's adult population is within this size range.
  • Range of Shades: Available in Transparent, Fair, Tan, Medium, and Deep to suit a range of skin tones. 
  • Seamless Application: Remove and attach within seconds.
  • Safe: It does not pull on hair/ irritate the scalp and is hypoallergenic. The silicone base is soothing for the perimeter of delicate hairs on the hairline. The micro nodes gently stimulate blood flow which induces natural hair growth. 
  • Easy to clean: The Fix can also be cleaned easily and quickly with a wet wipe or cloth.

We've put the Wig Fix through the wringer to test out security - and we can happily say you can do the most with the Wig Fix on. It's even rollercoaster-proof!

Velvet Wig Grips

Velvet is a super soft popular option amongst wig wearers as it's the wig grip option that's been available for longer.

Velvet wig grip on wig topper

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  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Durable

5 reasons why we prefer a silicone wig grip over a velvet wig grip

1. Velvet wig grips can damage your hair as the fabric is drying and can irritate the scalp. The velcro attachment at the back can snag at hair. 

2. The hundreds of silicone nodes on each Wig Fix gently massage the scalp when worn which stimulates increased blood flow inducing natural hair growth.

3. The Wig Fix lasts longer than velvet grips because it doesn’t lose its shape over time.

4. It is more sanitary than velvet grips. Velvet wig grips can retain sweat and bacteria. The Wig Fix is hypoallergenic, allows airflow, and can be cleaned and dried in seconds.

5. The Wig Fix is micro thin and undetectable under a wig, unlike a velvet grip which is usually bulkier.

But don't just take our word for it you can see countless YouTube videos on those who prefer a silicone wig grip like The Wig Fix!

 Overall there is no one answer to how you secure your wig. It truly all comes down to preference and what makes you feel secure and confident when you're strutting down the street!







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