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Must-Have Wig Maintenance Products

Must-Have Wig Maintenance Products

So you’ve found your perfect wig (or wigs–we don’t judge) and now you need the perfect products to keep your wig looking its best. But with so many products out there, how do you know which wig products are worth your time and money? We’ve got you covered. Read on for the must-have wig products every wig lover needs in their beauty collection.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Two staples than can sometimes be overlooked. Whether your wig is made from synthetic or human hair, keeping it clean and conditioned through regular wash days is non-negotiable.

A clean wig is easier to style, manage and will last you longer. Always be gentle when washing your wig and make sure to wash it the right way to avoid tangling or accidental damage.

Herbal Essences' Hello Hydration is a tried and tested, affordable option. 

Herbal Essences Must Have Wig Products

Image | Herbal Essences

The Wig Fix

Whether you’re a regular wearer of wigs or only dabble in them occasionally, attaching your wig the right way not only makes your wig-wearing experience easier, it also makes it more enjoyable.

Although traditional attachment methods such as combs, clips and glues are popular choices as they’ve been used for decades–and in some cases even centuries–to attach wigs, they’re not always the best. Glue especially has been known to cause damage to natural hair, skin and even wig lace when used excessively over prolonged periods of time.

Instead if these, consider the Wig Fix instead. Developed by The Renatural, the Wig Fix is an innovative product designed to make the wig wearing experience easier and more enjoyable.

Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, it keeps wigs secured by harnessing the natural gripping abilities of silicone. Available in one easy to use size designed designed to fit a range of head sizes, it’s also available in a five shades; a universal Transparent shade and four adaptable skin tone shades for a skin-like effect.


UV Protector

Although overlooked, protecting your wig from UV damage is just as important as protecting it from heat damage during thermal styling. Just as you would apply sunscreen to your skin to keep it protected from harmful UV rays, doing the same on your wig can protect it from excessive dryness.

If your wig is blonde or coloured, UV protector can also help keep your hue vibrant for longer. As an added bonus, many hair produys can also offer additional benefits. Sachajuan's Hair In The Sun can also be used as a lightweight styling cream in addition to its main use as a UV protector.

Sachajuan Heat Protection

Image | Sachajuan

Correct Storage

Wig storage can be a downfall for a lot of us wig wearers. After a long day of wearing your wig, your first thought after coming home and taking it off isn’t correctly storing it away. Many of us often fling our wigs off and leave them abandoned somewhere before their next wear. Not only can this make your space look messy, repeatedly doing this can actually shorten the lifespan of your wigs, encouraging tangling and shedding.

Always brush your wigs gently after wear before storing them in a dedicated space. We love silk and satin wig bags as well as wig hangers to keep wigs organised, safe, and happy.

A Quality Brush

Although you might be tempted to buy a cheap, throw-away comb or brush at your local beauty supply store, opt for a high quality brush instead. They’re gentler on your wigs and will men detangling a breeze and a joy.

Image | RemySoft One Twenty Three Loops Loop Brush 

Hair Serums And Oils

Wigs (like any type of hair enhancements) are known for being prone to dryness. Even if your wig is made from human hair, as it’s no longer receiving nutrients from the scalp, it can dry out quicker than natural hair would. Because of this, it’s important to try to keep your hair as hydrated as possible to give the appearance of healthy hair. Champo Haircare's Weightless Hair Oil is great for adding lightweight moisture and shine to your hair.

Incorporating a hair serum into your wig care routine can help you give your wigs an added boost of moisture when needed. Always use serums and oils sparingly as otherwise you can actually run the risk of drying out your wig if a serum is overused.

Spray Bottle

Deceptively simple, spray bottles can be an amazing tool in your wig care arsenal. Fill it with a mixture of water and shampoo/conditioner to help you wash your wigs more carefully, or even fill it with just water for a quick spritz of moisture to your wig before sealing with oil/serum. A spray bottle filled with just water can also be amazing for curly and wavy wigs to bring out the original curl pattern.

Go the extra mile and opt for a bottle with a continuous mist. They’re easier to use, less messy and more enjoyable to use than traditional spray bottles that can be notorious for their harsh dispensers.

Mist Bottle Must Have Wig Products

Image | Amazon

We hope this product run-down has inspired you in your wig care journey. Don’t forget to share your own must-have wig products in the comments.

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Thank you for explaining that it’s important to brush your wigs before storing them. I’ve been wondering what steps I should be taking to care for my new wigs. I hadn’t thought about how important it would be to brush them, but I’ll be sure to follow this step.

Olivia Smart

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