The Rundown On 'Man Wigs'

The Rundown On 'Man Wigs'

Here's a truth: wigs aren't just for women. Maybe that's a fact that's new to you or something you've always known. Either way, 21st century 'Man Wigs' are on the rise and we're here to give you the rundown on them. Keep reading to learn something new (or refresh your memory!) 

Men Have Historically Worn Wigs The Most 

That's right. Although women are currently better known to be the sex that wears wigs most, throughout history, it was men that actually wore wigs the most. Whether it was to combat the nasty effects of an STD, or to hide their premature balding like King Louis XIV did, men are the OG everyday wig-wearers. As time has gone on, however, and a stigma around wigs grew for both sexes, it's been somewhat of a taboo for men in particular to openly wear wigs. If they do, they're often relegated to being made fun of for wearing something regarded as 'feminine'. Thankfully, the tide has begun to change and 'man wigs' are starting to once again become more mainstream and we're totally here for it. 

man wigs
Image | Louis XIV via History

What Are Man Wigs?

As the name suggests, they're wigs for men. Although sometimes known as toupées, or hair systems, much like their female counterparts, male wigs can be worn for a variety of reasons including health and fashion. Unlike toupées which majority of the time are smaller in size and designed to cover a section of the head, man wigs can offer full head cover like a women's wig. They can be bought from a predetermined style or even custom made to the wearer's specifications. The key difference is that they're generally created to mimic mainstream men's hairstyles. 

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Who Are They For? 

Anyone who feels the need for them. Whether it's to cover bald patches for a confidence boost or to help switch up an everyday look, there's no one size fits all reason as to why someone might choose to wear one. Many famous figures have been known to wear hairpieces including Hollywood star John Travolta who until this year had worn them quite regularly and a certain American president. 

Image | John Travolta via Getty / The Hits 

Why Are They Becoming More Popular? 

While some men like TikTok personality Doman are loving the transformative power of wigs as a means to express themselves, some are looking to them to help boost their confidence in the face of hair loss. Regardless of the reason, we loving seeing more men openly embracing their wigs and hair systems as they're nothing to be ashamed of and we're beyond bored of the stigma surrounding wigs. 

Video | How A Wig Changed My Life via BBC

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