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Top UK Wig Stylists

Top UK Wig Stylists

If you love wigs as much as we do, you're likely familiar with wig stylists such as Tokyo Stylez, Andre Cavasier and Kahh Spence. These wig stylists are all amazing and based in the US. But what about UK wig stylists? Read on for our pick of the top 7 UK wig stylists you need to know about. 

Chrissy Bales

One of the OG's when it comes to the current top UK wig stylists and an Influencer and celeb favourite, Chrissy Bales is known for her impressive work with wigs. She now also offers her own line of ready-made wigs inspired by iconic wigs she's created in the past. 

Apart from her wig making services and own line of wigs, she also offers a range of wig advice through her Instagram and YouTube pages. If you want to know the best wig tips including the best wig products (such as the Wig Fix) as recommended by Chrissy, definitely check out her pages. 


If you love a beautifully installed wig, look no further than MKLACEDIT. Whether it's a classic closure wig or an intricate 360 wig, your wig construction and install by this UK wig stylist is guaranteed to be flawless. 

Freeborn Noble

If you're based in Northern Ireland and need an amazing wig, Freeborn Noble have got you covered. With a fully tailored, custom wig service available, they're an amazing option to help you make your wig dreams come true.

They're also a personal favourite of Love Island contestant Yewande Biala and infamously processed a wig order for her in a matter of days while she was appearing on the popular dating show in 2019. Talk about amazing customer service!

Rawrrr Colours

Classic 1B and jet black wigs are amazing, but if you're a lover of colours, you'll want Rawrrr Colours' wig colouring services in your life.

Teal, bright red, yellow ombre, custom honey mixes...the list of the types of colours they can make a reality goes on–definitely an amazing addition to our list of top UK wig stylists. 

Slayed by Bailey 

We can't talk about top UK wig stylists without mentioning Slayed by Bailey. With an impressive Instagram following of 34k, one look at Bailey's work and it's no surprise why this number keeps growing! A must-follow for all UK wig lovers.

Mikai McDermott

Having been in the wig game for years, Mikai McDermott has firmly cemented her status as one of the UK's most talented wig stylists.

Although she's known for her editorial and celebrity work, Mikai also offers regular wig making spots which get snapped up very quickly.

With her level of talent, we're not surprised! Follow her and make sure you keep an eye on her available slots for the opportunity to have her create your dream wig for you. 


Hair By Kele

Another well-known player in the list of top UK wig stylists is Hair By Kele. For fun styles, stunning colour work and beautiful installs, look no further.


Rounding up our list of top UK wig stylists is Taysluxe. Also known as the lace melt goat due to the amazing skills displayed in their installations. If you love hyper-realistic wigs, this one's for you. 

Will you be booking in with these stylists? Share your favourite with us in the comments!

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