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Wearing Wigs At The Airport

Wearing Wigs At The Airport

Earlier this year, a viral video of a lady being made to take her hat wig off during an airport security check made people wonder what it might be like wearing a wig to the airport. Should you avoid it? Will security make you remove your wig? What do you do if your wig gets searched? Read on as we address the commonly asked questions about wearing wigs at the airport.

Why does airport security check wigs?

Airports are high-risk areas for different crimes. Security checks including body searches are in place to ensure that everyone's safety is maintained throughout their time at the airport and beyond. 

Common security checks include luggage checks through scanners and by hand, body scanners that help detect any concealed items on a person, alongside metal detectors which also help detect concealed items. 

Having wigs checked at the airport isn't hugely common but it's also not unheard of. To keep all travellers safe, airport security may from time to time request wig searches if they suspect something could be hidden beneath them. Usually however, wig (and hair searches in general) are initiated if something in that area triggers one of the body scanners.

In the case of wigs, this trigger can be caused by metal wig clips or combs. 

What do I do if I get asked to have my wigs checked at the airport? 

While rare, being asked to remove your wig at airport security checks is not improbable. A wig check at airport security will usually be a pat-down of your head but if they're aware you're wearing a wig, they may also ask you to remove it for a more thorough check. 

If this happens, you can request that this search be done in private away from the general public. You can request this even if the agents didn't offer this to you. For private checks like this, you will most likely be taken to a private room where you can safely remove and have your wig checked as necessary. 

Security agents will also usually wear gloves for any type of body checks. If you're worried about hygiene, you could also ask the agent to put on a fresh pair of gloves.

What types of wigs are best for the airport?

Flying can be long and stressful and with the added worry of your wig potentially being searched at the airport, you want to ensure that the wig you wear at the airport and even the ones you pack in your luggage are airport-safe. 

Here are some characteristics you can consider for your airport wig:

  • Choose a wig without metal combs or clips to reduce the chances of getting stopped at the metal detectors.
  • Choose low-maintenance styles like closures which are easy to throw on and take off.
  • Avoid hat wigs if you're uncomfortable about the idea of having your wig searched. Being asked to remove hats at airport security checks is common and agents will not immediately assume your hat is attached to your hair. This is what happened to the lady who went viral after a video was posted online of her being asked to remove her hat by TSA agents. 

What's the best way to attach my airport wig?

It's always best to stay prepared in case you have to remove your wig at the airport. Should you be asked to remove your wig for a search, you want to be able to do this easily without otherwise compromising on having your wig secured throughout the rest of your travelling journey. This is why the Wig Fix is the best way to attach wigs for the airport. 

Created by The Renatural, the Wig Fix is a silicone hair gripper that grips on to your wig to keep it secured. It only takes seconds to apply and remove, is comfortable for all day wear (perfect for longer journeys) and is also easy to clean–just wipe with a damp cloth or makeup wipe.

Another bonus is the fact that as it's made from 100% medical-grade silicone, it won't set off the metal detectors so you can travel through the airport stress-free.

Wearing Wigs At The Airport The Wig Fix 

Image | The Renatural

We hope this blog has made you more confident about wearing a wig at the airport! Share your wig wearing experiences with us in the comments or through our social media pages and don't forget to check out our blog post on storage options for your wigs during travel.

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