Why ALL Wig Wearers Should Wear The Wig Fix

Are we boasting? Just a little, but hear us out.

Have a look at our comparison chart below (handy, right?) Compared to other wig attachment methods in the game, The Wig Fix comes out on top as the clear winner which means all the fun of wearing wigs without any of the damage to your natural hair, pain or worry that it will fall off at any given moment! No matter what you get up to in life, you can live it without worrying that your wig will fall off or loosen all thanks to The Wig Fix.

The Wig Fix vs. traditional wig attachment methods 

Besides, there’s been a pattern in the wig community in which for some reason, we afford less care to our hair than we do say, our skincare for example. Most of us wouldn’t put harsh glues or treatments on our skin that could damage it so why are we putting glues directly on our hairline? Likewise, we wouldn’t put our skin through intentional discomfort so why do we do that to our hair?

There’s a clear disconnect when it comes to the way we treat our hair versus the rest of our body and we’re here to help you give your hair the same care and love as the rest of you!

Still not sure on The Wig Fix? We’ll let this short video do all the talking.

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