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Why Are Wigs So Popular All Of A Sudden?

Why Are Wigs So Popular All Of A Sudden?

Image | Kylie Jenner Wearing A Lilac Wig via Instagram

For most people outside of the black community, wigs were not beauty staple. Unless they were needed for health reasons or as part of a religious belief (for example Jewish Sheitel) wigs were relegated to the status of a fancy dress accessory, only considered as part of a costume to be donned when the time called for it and be disposed of once no longer required. With that in mind, why are wigs so popular all of a sudden–or why does it at least seem that way? 

Even for regular wig-wearers, the discussion or even mention of wigs has been regarded as somewhat of a taboo. With hair being so intrinsically linked to beauty and societal stigma perceiving the wearing of wigs as an act of deceit, it was often difficult to admit the hair everyone saw didn't directly grow out of someone's head. So it's no surprise that the topic of wigs has not been regularly discussed in the mainstream media. Until now.
Keep reading as we explore some of the reasons why wigs seem to have become more popular. 


Influencers and Celebs

Social media, digital influencers and content creators are more visible than ever and helping make different topics accessible to wider audiences. Influencers like Janna Niki and Mariam Musa are known for their incredible wig collections. By openly talking about their wigs and even sharing their favourite suppliers and accessories (Janna loves The Wig Fix by The Renatural to keep her wig in place!) they're making wigs more accessible to different audiences. 

Similarly, the powerhouse that is the KarJenner clan has also (debatably) helped change the conversation and attitudes towards wigs. Kylie Jenner especially has rocked some daring styles in eye-catching hues like her iconic pink style. While people like her weren't the first celebrities to regularly wear wigs as fashion statements, they no doubt helped bring the idea to new audiences who might have seen wigs as a fancy-dress-only item and instead, brought them to 'mainstream' audiences.

Janna Niki, Mariam Musa and Kylie Jenner via InstagramImages | Janna Niki, Mariam Musa and Kylie Jenner via Instagram

More Variety

From blonde pixie cuts, all the way to Nicki Minaj-Esque 40" styles, the variety in readily available wigs has never been as broad as it is now. No matter your style, there's no doubt a perfect wig for you isn't out there. Add on to that, many stylists will happily create custom units designed to fit your vision and measurements perfectly, the only limit at this point is your imagination!

And with so much variety, more and more people are choosing to build entire wig collections to switch up their style instead of just sticking to one wig. After all, if you can match your shoes to your outfit, why not your wig?

Images | Nicki Minaj via Instagram


Whether it's your local hair supply store or your Instagram explore page, finding and purchasing wigs is easier than ever. Whilst finding the perfect wig, especially a custom-made unit used to require booking an in-person appointment, and depending on your location, plenty of stylists now offer their services to the masses through platforms like Instagram, all it often takes is a quick DM explaining what you want and your measurements for you to get a custom-made unit shipped to you in less than two weeks. 

Whilst most people still prefer in-person appointments for the best result and 100% tailored look, the fact that there are now so many options available for accessing wigs means there's an option for everyone.

Pop Culture 

You can't think drag without thinking wig and vice versa. The two topics have been undeniably connected for decades and with the rise of RuPaul's Drag Race, mainstream audiences have been given the pleasure of seeing wigs in a whole new light. The show's contestants are known for their impeccable wigs, some of them even so intricate and stunning that they resemble pieces of art, see Monet's stunning up-do below.

While most of the wigs on the show aren't necessarily designed to be used by the everyday person, the show has helped to showcase wigs as pieces of fashion and beauty that are nothing to be ashamed of and instead, something to be celebrated.

Now, people are even looking to Drag Queens for their Best-Kept Wig Secrets in the hopes they can emulate the flawless waves, and near-invisible lace fronts seen on the show. We're known to take notes from our favourite drag superstars. 

why are wigs so popular all of a sudden
Images | Farrah Moan, Monet X Change and Valentina via Instagram

Why do you think wigs have gotten more popular? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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