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How To Keep Your Wig Clean For Longer

How To Keep Your Wig Clean For Longer

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The easiest (and most obvious) way to keep your wig clean is to wash it regularly but there are plenty of things you can do daily to keep your wig looking fresher for longer between washes. Read on to find out what they are!

Store It Correctly

Storing your wig correctly not only helps it keep its shape and protects it from damage, but it also helps it stay cleaner for longer. We recommend storing your wig on a suitable mannequin head or in a Dustproof Wig BagThese are also great for travelling with!

Minimise The Number Of Products You Use

Applying too many products to your wig results in build-up which means less time between washes. You can offset this by reducing the number of styling products you apply to your hair. We recommend keeping it hydrated by applying a light oil such as OGX's Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil up to twice a week.

Skip The Glue

Although a popular method, using glue to apply wigs can not only cause damage to your hairline with consistent use and improper removal, it can also lead to your wig getting dirtier quicker. Glue buildup can accumulate over time when not removed correctly and lead to damaged lace. This cuts your wig's lifespan down significantly. Turning to an easier to use attachment method like the Wig Fix is a great way to prevent this. A silicone gripper, the Wig Fix allows you to attach your closure wigs without glue and with frontals, it cuts down the amount of glue needed to secure your wig meaning overall, less build up over time.

how to keep your wig clean


Don't Wear It For Longer Than Necessary

Prolong the life of your wig between washes by not wearing it for longer than necessary. Tangling and dirt build-up can occur due to many factors like lying down with the wig on and the wig rubbing against fabrics around the home including those you wear so if possible, try to take it off and keep it stored correctly when not needed.

Wear A Wig Cap 

Natural oils and dirt from your natural hair can transfer to your wig whilst in use. To prevent this, try wearing a wig cap. This acts as a barrier between your natural hair to prevent transfers between your natural hair and your wig and vice versa.

Limit Wear During Physical Activities

Avoid wearing your wig when conducting strenuous actives such as exercise. This will prevent sweat from transferring to your wig and keep it fresher for longer!


Got any more wig maintenance tips we haven't covered here? Leave us a comment below and let us know! Don't forget to keep up with us on our social channels for more tips and The Wig Fix–the best way to secure your wig. 


*The Renatural is not affiliated with any of the products or companies listed in this post. 


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Due to the humiliation and hate, she feels toward her hair after cutting it excessively short yesterday, my sister is unable to leave the house. It’s hilarious, but I have to stop her from living that way, so I’m ready to spend money on a Noriko wig since I heard it looks natural and beautiful so she can once again hang out with me and her friends. I will also share with her what you said about how to not wear the wig when doing heavy activities like going to the gym to prevent sweat from seeping into it. Thanks.

Taylor Abrams

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