The Renatural Way

It’s no secret that wigs make for a great protective style while still letting you try out different looks as much as you want, but getting a wig is only the first step in making it a rewarding protective style.

Making sure you’re making the most of your wig and encouraging your natural hair underneath to grow stronger and healthier is the second step so we’ve rounded up the top ways to make your wig the best protective style. Image Via Peakmill.
Summer 2019 is slated to be a Hot Girl Summer and summer means plenty of holidays in the sun filled with days exploring new places and lounging by the pool. Read on for The Renatural's top tips on how to brave warmer climates (or even just a rare day of British summertime) while wearing a wig.
Think your wig kit should just include your wig and a stocking cap? Think again. To get the best out of your wig, we've rounded up 4 essential, innovative products every wig-wearer should use for the best end result. Read on to find out who these top contenders are.