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How To Wear A Wig To The Gym

How To Wear A Wig To The Gym

If you're a wig and exercise lover, you've probably wondered over which wig is the best to wear to the gym, for exercise and sports. In this blog post we're going over the basics of a good gym or exercise wig, which wigs are the best for the gym and exercising as well as how to take care of them. 

What Is A Gym Wig? 

Starting with the basics: what is a gym wig? A gym wig is a wig you wear to the gym, to exercise or for sports. While any wig could technically be considered a gym wig because they aren't their own separate type of wig altogether (take frontal or closure wigs for example), there are some features that would make a wig better suited for use at the gym, for exercise, or for sport.  

Should You Wear A Wig To The Gym?

The only person who can answer that question is, you guessed it: you. Whether you wear a wig to the gym is completely down to you. If you're already wearing wigs regularly, it may make sense to also wear them to the gym. But what about sweating, you ask? 

One reason many people feel put-off by wearing wigs at the gym is the idea of them getting too hot and causing excess sweating. However, there are things you can do to make your wig feel more comfortable at the gym which we cover below.

We'll also take you through the best way to attach your wig at the gym to stop it from falling off so keep reading to find out more.

Which Types Of Wigs Are Best For the Gym? 

Any wig can be a 'gym wig' simply if you choose to wear it to the gym. However, there are certain features you should consider when choosing a gym wig.

Closure Or Frontal?: Frontals, while they can give the effect that the wig is growing directly from your scalp, are not the best option when it comes to wigs for the gym, sports, or exercise. They can be tedious to apply and being constantly exposed to sweat caused by working out can damage the delicate lace over time. Additionally, if you usually secure your frontals with glue or gel, sweat can cause the product to break down, increasing the risk of your wig slipping off mid-exercise. 

Opt for a closure wig instead; they're easy to apply and remove making them great for the gym. 


Synthetic or Human?: There are pros and cons to both. While a synthetic wig can be more affordable, if you're looking for a wig to dedicate solely to use for the gym, they're more difficult to take care of and wash–something you definitely don't want to skip doing with a gym wig. Human hair is easier to wash, dry and restyle which makes the maintenance easier if you're a regular gym-goer or athlete. 

If you choose to use a synthetic wig for your gym wig and you work out regularly, consider dedicating two wigs to your fitness routine so that you always have one ready to get when the other is being washed.

Short or Long?: Again, this is completely up to you and your personal style. A long wig can be easily tied back into a ponytail or braid giving you some style variety. However, a short wig can potentially reduce any feelings of excess heat or sweat, particularly around the neck area when exercising.

Headband Wigs?: These are also a great option when it comes to the best types of wigs for the gym. They're easy to throw on and require little to no customisation thanks to the headband at the front.


If you're wondering which style of wigs is best for the gym, exercise or sports, consider a full circumference closure wig (one that covers your entire head) . This will allow you to still keep your natural hair protected if you use wigs as a protective style while giving you the ease and versatility of wigs. 

If you usually wear a wig cap, try using an aerated wig cap or even a fishnet-type wig cap when wearing your wig to the gym. They allow for more airflow to reach the scalp to reduce the potential of your wig getting too hot and uncomfortable.

We all know wigs aren't cheap so how do you get an affordable gym wig? Try these tips: 

  • Use an old wig – if you have an old wig that you don't wear any more but is still in a decent condition, it's perfect for use as a gym wig. 
  • Buy a synthetic wig – these can be more affordable than their human hair counterparts while still remaining high-quality. 

What's The Best Way To Secure My Wig At The Gym?  

So how do you keep your wig on and secure at the gym, when exercising or when playing sports?

Traditionally, clips, combs and even glue are commonly used to secure wigs but did you know these attachment methods can be potentially damaging to your hair and skin? Glue in particular is not the best option for fitness enthusiasts when it comes to securing your wig. The heat and sweat generated when working out can break down the glue and potentially leave you with your edges sweated out and your wig hanging on for dear life in the middle of the gym–not the best look.

Instead of these outdated methods, try the Wig Fix instead. Created by The Renatural, this silicone hair gripper is one of VOGUE's best beauty products of 2020. It takes just seconds to apply and remove, is sweat-dissipating and even rollercoaster-proof.

It also works with full circumference wigs making it the best way to secure your wig at the gym so you can have the confidence to focus on your workout and not whether your wig is slipping in between your sets. 


How Do I Take Care Of My Gym Wig? 

Taking care of your gym wig doesn't have to be difficult. When it comes to cleaning and looking after your gym wig, always try to do the following:

  • Wash it regularly – How often you wash your gym wig will depend on the type of workouts you do and how often you do them. If you regularly do a form of cardio multiple times a week, you'll need to wash your wig more often. If your preferred workout style is something low intensity like yoga, you can stretch your wash days a little more but a good rule of thumb would be to wash your wig once a week for human hair and once a fortnight for synthetic. 
  • Remove it as soon as you can – this goes hand in hand with regular washing. Wearing your gym wig for prolonged periods of time can lead to a buildup of bacteria which can be harmful to your hair, skin and scalp.
  • Always detangle your wig – exercise can lead to tangles so thoroughly brush it after every workout. 
  • Don't forget to take care of your natural hair – taking care of your wig isn't enough to promote healthier natural hair. Wigs might be a protective style but ignoring your natural hair and only taking care of the wig can do more harm than good. 

What are your thoughts on gym wigs and do you have a favourite gym wig? Tell us in the comments or connect with us on our social media pages.

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