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Best Types of Wigs For Cancer Patients

Best Types of Wigs For Cancer Patients

Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment that cancer patients often endure. It can lead to patients feeling even less than themselves at a time in their lives that is already particularly stressful as our hair can be a big part of our identity. Thankfully, wigs can allow cancer patients dealing with hair loss to still enjoy the fun of different hairstyles, so keep reading for the best types of wigs for cancer patients. 

Full Wigs For Cancer Patients

A full wig is a wig that is worn over the entire head. For cancer patients who experience total hair loss as a result of their chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, a full wig can help them feel more comfortable and confident as they can provide a very natural look especially when you take steps to make it look more realistic

Bespoke Wigs For Cancer Patients 

If you've suffered extensive hair loss as a result of cancer treatment and want to invest in a high-quality wig, having a tailored wig made is a great option. They're usually made from high-quality human hair, fitted perfectly to your head and can be colour matched to your natural hair colour for the most realistic look.

Wig manufacturers like Madeville London offer wig ranges created specifically for customers undergoing cancer treatment like chemotherapy. They also offer ready-made wigs alongside a bespoke wig service.


This level of attention to detail, and skill, however, often comes with a high price tag that can reach thousands. If this is not an option for you, there are thankfully other routes you can take to have a high-quality, tailored wig created for you as a cancer patient.

Buying your own hair and having a local wig stylist create a made-to-measure wig is another option when it comes to affordable, bespoke wigs for cancer patients. AliExpress is host to a large variety of human hair suppliers who sell bundles of hair alongside closures and frontals that can be provided to a wig stylist for them to create your ideal wig look. 


 Ready-Made Wigs For Cancer Patients 

While bespoke wigs are great, they're not for everyone. Not only can they take weeks, if not months to be created, they can also be expensive. Therefore, buying a pre-made wig can be a quick way to find an affordable wigs for cancer patients. 

Amazon offers a variety of pre-made wigs in different styles, colours and lengths to allow you to find one that suits your style or natural hair. When purchasing wigs from Amazon, always ensure you read the description carefully and the reviews to ensure you're not being taken advantage of.

This 20" Brazilian hair wig by DACHIC is an affordable closure wig for cancer patients at $99.49. With minimal shedding, a pre-plucked hairline and slightly bleached knots, it's a great wig option for beginners especially and will make adjusting to wigs while undergoing treatment easier. 

affordable black bone straight wig

Image | DACHIC via Amazon

One thing to be weary of with these types of wigs is that they often come with combs and clips attached. For someone who has lost most/all of their bio hair as a result of cancer treatment, this isn't ideal as they can cause further damage to already weakened hair. Therefore, make sure to double-check this before buying. If your wig does happen to come with clips and combs, they're fortunately easy to remove at home.

How Do I Attach My Full Wig As A Cancer Patient? 

Finding a suitable wig as a cancer patient is often only the first step. What's the best way to attach wigs as a cancer patient? A lot of people–regardless of whether they're undergoing cancer treatment–are wary of wearing a wig out of fear that it may fall off, be too tight, or uncomfortable. Luckily, there's a solution to these common wig woes–The Wig Fix.

The Wig Fix was created by British beauty brand The Renatural and is a hair gripper designed to keep wigs in place. Worn under your wig (and over your wig cap if you wear one), it's made from 100% medical-grade silicone–which makes it suitable for sensitive skin even with no bio hair.

While silicone is known to have natural gripping properties, these were further reinforced on the Wig Fix's design through hundreds of small nodes on the band to allow it to grip your wig in place for all-day wear. These nodes also gently massage the scalp to promote blood flow which can help induce hair growth over time. 

These qualities make it great for cancer patients as the Wig Fix is a gentle, easy to use way to attach wigs even on the most sensitive skin. 


Wig Toppers and Half Wigs For Cancer Patients

Not all hair loss as a result of cancer treatment is the same. Some people lose all their hair while others only lose some hair–how much hair you lose due to cancer treatment (if any) can depend on a variety of factors like treatment type, cancer type and genetics.

Even after cancer treatment, a patient's hair may never look the same as it did before treatment with sparse patches remaining in certain areas. Hair may also grow back curlier than before. Because of these factors, not everyone may want a full wig–sometimes only a hair topper may be required and desired. Unlike full wigs, hair toppers only cover the top part of the head whilst the lengths of natural hair are still visible. 


Are you a cancer patient who wears wigs? Leave your favourite wigs and wig tips in the comments!

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