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Stop Your Hijab Sliding Off: Top Tips

Stop Your Hijab Sliding Off: Top Tips

One common problem hijabis experience is their hijabs moving throughout the day. A hijab that slips back can, of course, be readjusted but when this happens every twenty minutes, it can get incredibly annoying and not to mention inconvenient especially when you're unable to find a private space to adjust your hijab. Keep reading for some tips on how to stop your hijab from sliding off. 


Not only do undercaps and underscarves keep your natural hair safely tucked away beneath your hijab, but they can also act also create some natural friction to help your hijab stay secured.

Additionally, they're available in a variety of colours meaning you're able to match them to your hijab for a seamless look. Or, if you like a pop of colour, try styling your hijab with a contrasting or complementary underscarf for a different look. 

Etsy offers a variety of undercaps and braids from different sellers meaning there are different styles to suit your look whether you like to keep it simple with black and grey tones or enjoy switching things up with a range of colours.

Similarly, Haute Hijab also offers high-tech and beautiful undercaps. With built-in sun protection and anti-bacterial properties, they're a great choice for health-conscious hijabis. 

Image | Haute Hijab


If you have thick hair, a lot of hair, or if your texture is naturally straight, you might find that this contributes to your hijab not staying secured for longer periods of time.

To combat this, try braiding your hair down underneath your hijabs. For those with Afro hair textures, cornrows or flat twists are a great choice as these will keep your hair safely tucked away and protected from breakage which Afro hair textures are more susceptible to. 

For those with looser hair textures or straight hair, french or dutch braids are easy, effective styles to try out.

Regardless of how you style your hair under your hijab, ensure you don't style it too tight. Regular tight styling is not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to traction alopecia and weakened hair. 

The Wig Fix 

how to stop your hijab sliding off

Yes, you read that right. Originally created for wig-wearers, the Wig Fix is a silicone headband created by The Renatural to secure wigs and protect natural hair underneath. Made from medical-grade silicone, the Wig Fix's gripping abilities are activated by the natural pressure created using the concept of frictional adhesion. Basically, the pressure from the wig allows the Wig Fix to 'grip' on to it and keep it secured.

Amazingly, this concept also works for hijabs when you want to stop your hijab from sliding off. Simply wear the Wig Fix just behind the natural hairline and wear your hijab on top for an all-day, comfortable hold. It can be worn on top of an undercap or scarf depending on personal preference. 

Will you be trying out these tips or do you swear by different ways to keep your hijab secured? Let us know in the comments. 

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I found it interesting when you mentioned that you can use undercaps and underscarves to keep your natural hair neatly tucked in underneath your hijab. My friend is a Muslim and wears a hijab, so I was planning to get her a gift box as a present for her birthday. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for hijab gift boxes for sale.

Anna Collins

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