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90s Hollywood: Iconic Wigs Edition

90s Hollywood: Iconic Wigs Edition

Although the wig scene has exploded in the last decade, wigs have been a part of popular culture for a VERY long time. This post is dedicated to celebrating the beautiful black-glam 90’s girlies whose wig choices changed the game in one way or another!

Brandy Norwood

Miss Norwood absolutely HAD to be on our list of legendary wigs from the 90s. In 2019, it emerged that Brandy’s iconic super micro braids were a wig style, a fact that blew the collective minds of women on Black Twitter for days. There is evidence that Brandy did wear actual braids but she switched them up with wigs from time to time as a protective hairstyle. Now, braided wigs are fairly common and done pretty well these days, but using this option almost 30 years ago, and pulling it off is queen behaviour. 

Image | Brandy Rocking a Braid Wig


Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has had huge success in both music and film. But one of the most amazing things about her? She could transform and change her look countless times, whilst maintaining her confident dedication to self-expression. From her poetic justice braids to golden curly ringlets or bone straight and windswept do’s, Janet wore each style well; her hair extensions and wigs were always casual, powerful, and sexy! 

Image | Janet at the MET Centre in 1990


Halle Berry

We think Halle Berry's ghetto fab blonde up-do from B.A.P.S deserves an honourable mention. Berry went all out with her portrayal of Nisi in the film, with hair that looked fresh off of a Bronner Brothers Hair Show. Not only did she flex her comedic acting muscle (not many people pegged her for someone with humour), but Berry also gave urban hair culture a platform on the main stage (thank you Berry!).

People still can’t get enough of her fabulous looks; you’ll most definitely see a few people paying homage this Halloween!

Halle Berry as Nisi in B.A.P.S


Vivica Fox

When we think of Vivica, we think of warm chestnut tones, gorgeous layers, and a silky smooth curl. Vivica is a total bombshell, then and now! Her hair was notorious for being big and loud. Her face was always perfectly framed with subtle highlights and balayage that were works of art. This queen is famous for her acting chops and is one of the leading ladies in Hollywood that truly showed us just how good our hair could look, despite the lack of great stylists for black women during the 90s. For that, we must always stan!

 Vivica A Fox in the 90s

Image | Vivica in a Chestnut-Toned and Layered Wig

The topic of hair styling for the black Hollywood elite is interesting to say the least. Good hair styling was hard to come by for black women at the time, so we're amazed at how they found a way to add personality and creativity to their styles, gracing our television screens throughout the 90s! But today? It's not that hard to get your hands on an expert hairstylist - check out our previous blog for some remarkable wig stylists you can get in touch with today!

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